Everything you should know about using turmeric for your skin

You’ve probably slipped it into smoothies and other recipes, but did you know that yellow is a beauty multi-tasker that does everything from brightening up your complexion to flaunting flaws?

In addition to the gorgeous addition to someone’s spice cabinet, the bright yellow-orange spice is returning for a lot of reasons. Continue reading below for tips on how you can add turmeric to your beauty tastes.

What are the benefits of turmeric for your skin?

The glowing reputation of turmeric is due to curcumin, a chemical compound that provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Although Indian food and healing treatments have always been part of turmeric, it has begun to splash in mainstream health and natural beauty movements. And science is showing that it’s more than a trend – it’s here.

The research is promising: Curcumin has the potential to reduce UV damage because it is a natural antioxidant. It is also antibacterial which means it helps to clear acne when you apply it topically. Some scientists have even said that it can reduce the breakdown of collagen and you can eat it but keep your skin bright and youthful. Apart from this, according to some dermatologists, yellow can prevent redness and irritation, hair loss and cardiovascular diseases, all of which are driven by inflammation.

Read on for the specific benefits of turmeric as well as the powerful skincare products that take full advantage of them.

Benefit # 1: This is great for natural light

It is probably no coincidence that yellow is considered the colour of a bright sunset, regarded as an instant glow-booster. Its antioxidant properties include the ability to brighten the skin with unsightly eye circles and dark spots that will make you look as natural as the deadly view of the setting sun.

You can simply combine your own ingredients for a DIY yellow mask with yoghurt, honey and turmeric. The only drawback is that yellow can temporarily stain your skin, as well as clothing and pillows. That’s why it’s best to look for a skincare product that gives you access to the benefits of spices without spending extra time on laundry and skin scrubbing.

Opt for a serum like Andalu Naturals Yellow + C Illuminated Serum, which stains with a strong combo of turmeric, vitamin C and fruit stem cell complexes and poses a threefold threat to extra exposed skin cells. Combined skin will love this vibrant nectar, which keeps the skin bright and radiant.

Benefit # 2: It reduces redness and inflammation

If you are prone to skin conditions that leave you red and pale, use yellow! Oxidative stress, which occurs when your body does not have enough antioxidants, can cause chronic inflammation and early signs of aging. If it sounds stressful, you can breathe easily – turmeric is known and liked for its free radical-fighting, anti-inflammatory properties.

Whenever you need it for an anti-inflammatory dose of turmeric, try a mask like FIRST AID BEAUTY Hello Fab Ginger and Yellow Vitamin C Jelly Mask. This is an anti-ageing jelly mask that soothes stressed skin with ginger, turmeric and vitamin C. comfort skin barrier

Benefit # 3: It helps to reduce acne and blemishes

Another happy side effect of turmeric is that its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties pack a punch to fight the acne-causing bacteria and get the sphere out of the stuck pores. Also, turmeric soothes your skin and works to fade hormonal acne scars.

For additional complimentary treatment, try a face mask like Apt Skinker Healing Mask with turmeric, which uses the antiseptic properties of turmeric to reduce home damage and reduce inflammation. It also contains azaleic acid which helps prevent future breakouts and dead skin cells from ever irritating sensitive skin.

And how can you use turmeric?

So you already know that turmeric repairs and restores the natural beauty of the skin but did you know that it also promotes scalp health? Curcumin can effectively treat hair loss arising from conditions such as dandruff and bacterial infections. In fact, for many centuries, Indian women have resorted to turmeric and other ayurvedic herbs to keep their hair long, strong and shiny.

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