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How to avoid hair loss: types, causes and solutions

In order to successfully treat hair loss, it is important to know the causes of its rapid falling. We help you decide on the basis of your symptoms the course of action.

It is a common reality to lose between 80 and 100 hairs a day as the scalp undergoes permanent renewal. Alopecia, on the other hand, happens when hair loss is greater than this, and there are areas of the scalp that tend to lighten, lose, and not renew.

Genetics, hormonal swings, tension, harsh scalp and hair fibre materials, environmental conditions, overly tight hairstyles, and the frequent use of heating tools are some of the causes that scientists agree are causing an abnormality that affects more than half of males.

Baldness may also be a sign of something more serious, so it is important to quickly determine the cause of falling hair and indicate the best way to reverse the condition by consulting a physician.

What type of hair loss do you suffer?

It is important to know where it comes from in order to understand hair loss. The hair follicle, which concentrates stem cells, is the part of the skin that gives rise to hair growth. Each hair rests on a hair follicle, this being the most dynamic skin structure and one of the most active in the body.

Look at your bed or shower that does they have hairs on it? If yes! Then must check whether they have hair follicles at their roots? If they have follicles, it means that the hair loss was caused in this case by detachment; otherwise, the hair was broken.

Let us look at some of the common hair losses, their causes, and solutions, which will help you treat your hairs best.

Hair loss due to shedding


  • Typically, it is triggered by the interaction of three variables: inherited propensity to baldness, male hormones and ageing. This is known as androgenic alopecia and is the form of baldness that is most common.
  • As a result of extreme stress, hair loss may occur or react to conditions such as rheumatism, lupus or thyroid disorder. It can also indicate a deficiency of protein, iron, zinc, or biotin.
  • Similarly, hair loss shedding can be an autoimmune disorder (alopecia areata) itself or maybe correlated with aggressive hair loss strategies (traumatic alopecia), such as severe traction, heat, and chemical violence.


If your case is that of hair follicle shedding, it is essential to suppress the causative agent. Assuming positive habits like washing your hairs daily, using the best hair shampoo for men and relaxation makes a big difference.

Scientifically supported therapies such as cold lasers, biostimulation, and plasma with growth factors, on the other hand, are also booming, especially in the circumstances beyond your control.

Hair loss due to breakage


Hair loss, which is not the same as having split ends, can also be caused by breakage. Hair breakage causes more pronounced structural damage, and tiny white dots that show that the hair is partly broken are known.

In this case, it is probably because of a nutritional deficiency that the strands have lost strength, nutrients, or water, although it also happens that the development of keratin (the protein that constitutes hair) decreases with age.

It may be due to your bad habits or weather condition that inturns give trauma to your hair. Weather plays an important role as the hair becomes rough in dry weather and fall most.


The solution is to make constructive changes to your lifestyle if your hair is susceptible to breakage. Here’s a list of suggestions that are quick to follow:

  1. Wash your hair properly

Using warm water while showering your hair as hot water promotes blood flow to the follicles, which is a perfect way to promote hair growth.

  1. Use specialized products

It is a good choice to invest in brands that are notorious for hair loss. Male’s hair is different from females and is prepared as per their requirements. Try to understand your hair issues first and then find the best shampoo for men, having a solution for your hair problem. Even forget about the scent of drugs if it can prevent your hairs from falling and give good growth.

  1. Be nice

Never go to sleep or leave the house with damp hair: excessive moisture for hours allows the cell membrane, responsible for the shine and strength of the hair, to deteriorate. Dry it with a towel without rubbing and slowly untangle it, beginning at the ends. Please enable it to dry naturally.

Remember that hair loss typically occurs from strappy ponytails, dreadlocks, cornrows or any other hairstyle that facilitates excessive and relentless stretching of the hair bulb.

  1. Watch your diet

A protein-rich diet is important for capillary well-being, as they make up a good part of your hair. Vitamins A (carrots and pumpkins), B (legumes), C (kiwi and grapefruit) and minerals such as copper, iron and, mainly, zinc, all of which, for example, are present in seafood, are also essential to eat.

  1. Relax

Anxiety enhances the secretion of a collection of inflammatory response hormones that can trigger irreversible fall, among other alterations. Taking care of your emotions is more than a question of aesthetics, one of mental health.

Have a hair massage before sleeping for five minutes. This calming gesture often strengthens the blood vessels; they get more nutrients and oxygen, which helps the hair grow stronger and faster, with the blood flowing optimally to the hair follicles.


Not only is hair a matter of fashion or grooming, but it also reflects the attitude each of us has about life, our personalities, and what we want to accomplish. The hair will look good, clean, and tidy regardless of whether we wear it long or short. Hair is one of the most important parts of our beauty specialists for ladies but guys are also inquisitive about it. The above causes and solutions for hair fall will surely help you have healthy hair.

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