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Currently, the status of overweight and obesity in adults is on the rise and becomes one of the major challenges for health care programs in every country. In American, the proportion of adults who are overweight and obese accounts for about 25% of the population.


Due to the psychological desire to get in shape, many people have turned to drugs and fast weight loss methods without understanding the mechanism of action. Meanwhile, the mechanism of action is a very important criterion to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the drug.

Fast weight loss medicine is currently divided into the following groups:

Group of rapid weight loss medicine causing dehydration (diuretics, laxatives)

This is a quick way to lose weight by reducing the total amount of water (which accounts for 60-70% of the bodyweight) through urination. Water accounts for 70% of the body weight, so dehydration will cause weight loss quickly.

However, according to a weight loss specialist, she lost weight quickly in this way causing thirst, dry neck, fatigue, dizziness, headache, and exhaustion. Bad skin, dryness, sagging due to too fast reduction, the skin has not recovered yet.

Dehydration leads to electrolyte disorders affecting the secretory system, reducing kidney function, toxins can not be eliminated, reducing intestinal motility, easily causing uncontrolled urination.

Losing a lot of water will disturb the vasomotor affecting blood pressure, heart, nerves. If the body loses 20% of its total water, the risk of death.

Fast weight loss group due to CNS suppression

These drugs give users anorexia, boring taste, so there is no need to receive nutrients, thereby reducing weight after a few days of eating less than usual.

According to weigh loss expert, this fast weight loss drug stimulates sympathetic enhancement, causes indigestion … so users often experience side effects such as dry mouth, headache, insomnia, increased blood pressure. , heart palpitations, constipation or diarrhea, reduced absorption of fat-soluble vitamins …

Due to reducing appetite, minimizing energy intake, causing malnutrition, anemia, metabolic disorders leading to fatigue, headache … and directly affect the activities of the body. .

Medicines that fill the digestive tract

These drugs because they contain fillers, filling the digestive tract, creating a virtual feeling that even though you eat less food than usual, the body still feels full and doesn’t want to eat more, so you lose weight quickly.

Side effects of the drug are bloating and flatulence. If used for a long time, it will cause the body to gradually lack nutrition, become depleted, difficult to focus on work, and affect daily activities. Unhealthy skin due to insufficient nutrients and water should turn pale, lose vitality, lose youthfulness, and a rosy, smooth appearance.

Fat restriction group

This drug loses weight quickly due to its effect of preventing the absorption of fat intake. The absorbed oil and fat will follow the stool out.

This is also the main cause of side effects such as “fat stools” bowel movements, flatulence, flatulence and decreased bowel movements, digestive disorders due to disorders of fat absorption. Due to reducing the absorption of long-term fat intake, it will reduce the synthesis of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, K, E of the body.


Diet and exercise are factors that contribute to faster weight loss. But not all diets for quick weight loss are healthy.


Fasting means not allowing the body to take in any caloric sources while the activities that live inside the body and the need to move, work, think still, and consume calories are a way to quickly lose weight. Best.

However, according to expert Nguyen Thi The Thanh, losing weight quickly in this way is an anti-scientific method, which has not been recognized by any research.

Currently, many people believe and abuse foods that are said to have quick weight loss effects. However, eating only one low-calorie food will make the body lack other essential nutrients. Meanwhile, there is no food that really works to lose weight as quickly as many people think.

Because sudden weight loss depletes the energy that nourishes the cells and organs in the body, it can lead to death after just a few days of fasting.

Drink lemon juice, vinegar

In vinegar contains amino acids and organic acids that help burn fat, promote good sugar and protein metabolism, so it helps to lose weight fast. That is information on a number of websites today and there are many people who follow with the desire to lose weight fast.

Reality: in lemons and vinegar there is citrate acid with the property of easily binding calcium in the blood, preventing blood from clotting. If you eat a lot of lemons while the diet is not balanced, there are not enough ingredients that make up the plasma and blood cells, it can lead to anemia. In addition, eating sour can cause ulcers of the stomach and digestive tract.

Body purification

Body purification (Detox) is a trend that many people love because they think that in addition to rapid weight loss after about 12 days, drinking lemon juice (or honey), drinking water only drinks fruit juice. has the effect of detoxifying, beautifying the skin.

However, rapid weight loss by purifying the body is basically not a scientific method of diet because the nature of purification with sugarcane juice, honey, or fruits is still providing sugar energy for muscles. can. However: This amount of sugar will certainly not meet the body’s needs, so it is still necessary to mobilize more energy from stored fat tissue and degrade the body’s protein.

This reduces fat but at the same time reduces body mass including muscle mass, bone mass, and water while only fat is the thing to reduce in improving overweight obesity.

When the body loses micronutrients (vitamins that are water-soluble and fat-soluble), minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine …) are important factors in the formation of enzymes/enzymes that catalyze. , will cause serious metabolic disorders, easily leading to life-threatening consequences such as hypocalcemia, cardiovascular failure, and physical failure. Therefore, losing weight quickly this way is very dangerous.

Low carb diet (carbohydrate restriction)

Currently, many people, especially young people, are telling each other about a new way to lose weight fast is a low-carb diet. The key to a low-carb weight loss diet is to minimize carbohydrate intake (carbohydrates). In this way, the body will be forced to mobilize the metabolism of fat for energy to reduce fat.

However, carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the operation of all cells, especially brain cells, red blood cells are muscle cells that use only the energy brought by glucose.

When a low-carb diet deprives your body’s sugar supply, the body has to make new glucose from fats and proteins (called glucose neogenesis) to meet the body’s needs. The metabolism of fats and proteins will not be “clean” like carbohydrates because it will create many toxic intermediate products such as: creating ketones by metabolizing fats and ammonia (NH3) when converting The result is that the liver and kidneys have to work hard to metabolize and “detox” the liver and kidney failure.

Chronic lack of energy from glucose leads to brain and nervous system dysfunction causing memory impairment, brain atrophy, coma, brain death. Therefore, fast weight loss with a low card diet is considered to be very dangerous weight loss for the body

Hard exercise

In addition to fasting, increasing calorie expenditure through exercise or exercise is also another way to quickly lose weight. If swimming fast, running, weight training 7-10 hours/day, the body will burn at least 3,500 calories. With the help of this Tdee calculator, you can estimate your total daily energy expenditure, which is the calculation of your calorie burn per day.

People who are overweight and obese often have less muscle mass because of 2 reasons: predominantly developed fat mass and sedentary habits make muscle mass no condition to develop. This causes muscle mass to store only less glycogen (glycogen is the main energy source for high intensity / long, intense physical activity).

If people are overweight, obese often get tired due to insufficient glycogen, they cannot maintain vigorous exercise. Not to mention harsh exercise can also cause a number of other problems such as degeneration of the joints, heart failure, increased blood pressure, stroke … Therefore, harsh and improper training does only not help you lose weight fast but can also be harmful to your health


Overweight and obese people often have a psychological desire to quickly get in shape. Therefore, the external impact balancing methods advertised with convenient advantages, quickly seeing effects such as sick baths, massage machines, heating belts, fat-dissolving creams are receiving great attention. much.

Sauna, sick bath (also known as pressing heat balance)

Often used for athletes to temporarily press weight while competing.

This practice causes dehydration by using heat to increase sweating. Bodyweight may decrease in proportion to the amount of water drained, but when rehydrated, the body will return to its original weight mark.

Certain types of tools, massage machines, heating belts

These are spot firming tools like the waist and thighs, but not effective for weight loss.

There have been cases of electric shock when using a high power source and wound directly on the body, which is especially dangerous for people with a history of high blood pressure, cardiovascular, respiratory, acute illness, pregnant women, and donors. breastfeeding …

In addition, the skin can burn, burn, or even burn badly in areas that come into contact with the belt. In particular, postpartum pregnant women wrapped hot with salt seeds, ginger … hindering the uterine contraction process, the risk of bleeding increases.

In short, these are only external products that create a feeling of rapid fat loss in the abdomen but actually only cause dehydration.

The method of using fat-dissolving cream/gel, massage cream

Is the trend of the world from the 90s of the last century. Initially, users will feel the creamed area is firmer, the skin surface is softer and smoother. However, experts call it “the divine irrational method” because it is difficult to deeply impact, “penetrate” the thick layer of fat and deep under the skin to promote the effect of fat loss, rapid weight loss. The more inaccessible the fat surrounding the internal organs is the main cause of dangerous chronic diseases related to cardiovascular, respiratory, secretion, cancer …

According to weight loss experts, the fat-dissolving creams are actually the way to dehydrate the exposed area by heat.

With strong irritating ingredients from topical creams, the skin is prone to heat, burning, blisters, and dermatitis, especially when applied on a large area. In the long run, these areas will be wrinkled and sagging.

Even in the case of creams that can seep through the epidermis, they will follow the circulatory system running around the body, but cannot be “smart” to determine where to lose fat.


In the United States, a 21-year-old girl named Eloise Aimee Parry died at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital on April 12, 2014, after using an online weight loss drug that contained the active ingredient Dinitrophenol (DNP).

According to statistics from 2008 up to now, there have been 5 other people in the UK who died after taking DNP. In Australia, a person had a stroke while drinking DNP and the authorities are investigating.

In Vietnam, on 12-2014, Trung Vuong Emergency Hospital (HCMC) gave home care for Mr. N.H.V, 34 years old, in Ho Chi Minh City due to exhaustion from practice and fasting.

In July 2014, an 18-year-old female student in Hanoi died from applying a 12-day fasting method to “purify the body”.


According to weight loss experts, to lose weight safely, it is impossible to affect the muscle mass, bone, or total body water as fast weight loss measures, because it is an indispensable structure of a healthy body. strong.

Instead, the scientific weight loss solution recommended by organizations and medical experts is to have a radical impact on white fat cells – the culprit causes overweight and obesity. Fast weight loss fails because it does not work on the right culprits of white fat, but only harms things that are very necessary for the body.

The coercive external effects do not reduce white fat in the body, since effective white fat reduction must be acted upon at the cellular level.

Associate Professor about weight loss said, in fact, white fat – the agent causing overweight and obesity – is an “enemy” that is difficult to defeat without having a radical impact on the process of formation and accumulation.

Using molecular biotechnology, recent studies in the US have shown that, unlike rapid weight loss methods, losing fat at the cellular level is critical to weight loss success, because White fat cells, if not promptly prevented by scientific methods, will quickly expand in number and size, destroying their balanced physique and causing dangerous chronic diseases.

To lose weight properly, you should not be impatient and choose to lose weight fast, but choose products with a clear origin, clinically proven effective, and with natural herbal extracts to ensure safety. and can be used for a long time.


According to Associate Professor, (Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition), on the basis of new findings of American scientists about the “culprit” causing weight gain, experts recommend that weight loss “hit the goal “is to reduce white fat. That is the culprit that fast weight loss methods do not target

There are “3 golden principles” including proper nutrition, active exercise, and the use of weight loss products that hit directly on white fat.

Reasonable diet

For overweight and obese people who want to lose weight, the first advice is to change the diet accordingly. Do not abstain from abstinence but should not lose control over eating as fast as other ways to lose weight. Be careful with the drug fast weight loss still “allow” eating “comfortably”, because this is completely inconsistent with the principle of improving overweight, obesity. At the same time, these drugs can cause the user to suffer from digestive disorders, dehydration, vomiting or diarrhea, respiratory failure, and even death.

People who are overweight, obese should reduce foods and beverages high in starch (rice, cereals …), sugar (cakes, candies, teas, jams, sweetened condensed milk …), fruits with a lot of sugar (jackfruit, longan, lychee …); reduce high-fat foods, high-fat meats, and meat products, animal viscera, high-fat fried foods, dairy and high-fat dairy products fat (whey, cheese, whey / whole milk), alcohol restriction.

Be active properly and regularly

Along with controlling energy intake in the body, exercise needs to be maintained every day to consume excess calories.

Should have a practice regimen that is persistent, regular, and suitable for the body. Practice at least 30 minutes/time and maintain 5 times/week with favorite sports, suitable for age and gender such as walking, cycling, yoga … Pay attention to exercises with waist, abdomen, and thighs and it would be better to have a fitness expert guide them.

Maintaining a reasonable exercise regimen not only helps to consume energy, lose weight faster, but also helps blood circulation, enhances respiratory function, and reduces pressure on bones and joints, good for overall health. You should not be too impatient to lose weight fast, but you exercise harshly because this not only does not help with weight loss and improve health but also causes many consequences.

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Choose weight loss support products that work on white fat

The latest study of InterHealth Nutraceuticals (USA) research center has demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of natural bioactive substances from Belaunja and Mangastin when directly impacted on the white fat cell formation stage, helps to reduce the accumulation and increase the lysis of white fat, thereby reducing the size of fat tissue, especially in areas with a lot of fat such as waist, abdomen, thighs …

The persistent implementation of the “3 principles” of gold including proper nutrition, increased exercise, and the use of natural bioactive substances from Belaunja and Mangastin will help to lose weight safely, effectively, and sustainably. At the same time, it helps prevent complications from being overweight, obesity, protecting, and improving overall health.

Experts recommend that safe weight loss is only 5% – 10% of body weight loss in a month. It is the level that is suitable for the body’s physiology so that no disturbances occur. Therefore, to beautify your physique and prevent and improve diseases caused by overweight and obesity, you should choose a safe and effective way to lose weight instead of fast, less effective methods of losing weight. is stable and carries harms to health and life

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