Merits demerits of disposable and re-usable shoppers


Use of disposable (one-time use) shopper ISO re-usable shoppers, is the ‘Necessity of Time’ and underactive use internationally in urban as well as rural areas, in all progressive and under-progressive countries of the world. Disposable shoppers not only ease the carriage of multi-groceries conveniently but also reduce the burden of an ancient system of dual-carriage of “plastic basket, hand-knitted bag, cloth bag, etc” i.e. one-time empty bag from home to market, and second time filled with grocery purchased, back to home.

Everything has ‘Merits & Demerits’. The only merit of re-usable plastic shopper is to minimize littering of the disposable shopper after use, if not deposited in the dustbin or a garbage container, as a bad habit of not caring cleanliness at home and also outside, contributing to an environmental hazard.

Demerits of re-usable shoppers are many, such as it always preserves in it some dirtiness after packing and emptying it even after cleaning. After 2-3 uses, re-usable shoppers develop a bad odour and spread the bad smell around. It negatively affects the hygienic state of some eatables after coming in contact with other non-eatables and raw materials not fit for eating. The durability of the re-usable shopper after 2-3 use become improper and unhygienic for reuse. Re-usable shoppers, also spoil the dairy product and eatable items, if packed with another kind of raw materials, such as vegetable, fresh meat, spices, frozen items, etc.

Littering of disposable shoppers and other disposable items, not only create dirtiness all around but also block the smooth flow of sewerage and drainage on throwing into it. This habit is uncivilized, requiring control and a heavy fine on violations. Some sections of society, instead of controlling bad habits, recommend banning the use of disposable shoppers and other polyethene bags. But this proposal failed to achieve the desired result as people of bad habits will still throw reusable shoppers, plastic baskets and cloth bag after using for the desired period. The environment can only be improved by adopting the habit of cleanliness in mind & spirit and provision of Garbage Containers, dustbins and their proper use.

To improve the deteriorating environment, the efforts should base on educating good habits ISO depriving citizens of disposable shoppers and polyethene garbage bags. Spiting around and dropping garbage everywhere and from higher floors to down floor premises in high-rise residential buildings, commercial units, offices, public transports, trains, hospitals, etc. should be stopped.

If each one of us, consider the external part of our residence in each city as an internal part, the deterioration of dirtiness around can be minimized. The problem does not at all lies in using plastic shoppers but its throwing in drainage and sewerage lines that block their smooth flow, causing over-flow of the dirty water over streets and all-around living localities.

In order to materialize the dream of improving the environment, first citizens should control their bad habits of scattering garbage. Secondly the use of garbage bags at home. Thirdly the provision of big Containers of Garbage at short distances in all residential and commercial locations. Fourthly, throwing of garbage into garbage containers. Fifthly, cleaning of roads & streets between 3 AM & 6 AM, prior to heavy movement of traffic on roads. Sixthly, regular uplifting of dumped garbage from all Garbage Containers. And, finally proper disposal of garbage for recycling and re-use.

Solid Waste Stock in fact still remains worth millions of amounts, re-usable in various necessities of day to day use in our life. This process is in practice in countries, intending to improve and maintain the environment. Plastic wrapping of accompanied baggage to ensure the safety of contents on air-travelling is considered a necessity of time to ensure safety and improving the environment.

Certain shopkeepers are discarding the use of one-time-use shoppers by misinterpreting the use of disposable shoppers but at the same time, they are very much selling same shoppers having the name of their company printed on it, for their commercial gains. Their act is not contributing to improving the environment. However, their discourteous actions on denying provision of courtesy shoppers and charging customers for re-usable shoppers, either discourage clients to buy the product to avoid carriage of grocery in hand or compel the customer to move to other shops, where they can save money of courtesy shoppers. How different varieties of cooked hot food, yoghurt, cold milk, soft drinks, fast food, bread etc. can be carried in hand without shopper?

Educating citizens to use re-usable shoppers, plastic baskets, cloth bags etc. will amount to pushing back citizens to outdated living style when the population was minimum. With the passage of time, the population has grown-up in manifolds, making ‘Katchra-Kundies’ an old-age pattern, replaced by Garbage Containers to fulfil the need of citizens in the proportion of population growth and living amenities of the modern world.

Prime Minister’s office and Federal Ministry of Environment are requested to consider the provision of said facilitation to citizens for improving environment through-out country.

Author : Hasan Adil Malik

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