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Surrogacy agencies in Ukraine and the Czech Republic

Surrogacy is a breakthrough in reproductive medicine that allows couples with fertility problems to have their biological baby. Now, for most sterile families, surrogacy is an excellent opportunity to experience the joy of parenting. If earlier infertile couples could only adopt a child, now modern science allows them to have a genetic child.

Advanced reproductive technology offers everyone the opportunity to become happy parents, listen to their children’s laughter, and take their first steps with their children. A leihmutterschaft Tschechien is one of the best options to select for surrogacy.

Surrogacy in the Czech Republic:

The surrogate mother agency in the Czech Republic offers unlimited IVF attempts, including PGD, including childbirth. The package includes the participation of a surrogate mother and an egg donor. It enables the surrogate mother to be delivered to the Czech Republic.

Services of surrogacy agencies in the Czech Republic:

Surrogacy in the Czech Republic offers many services. Some of these are as follows:

  • A leihmutter agentur covers all risks up to the birth of a child.
  • It ensures the birth of a genetically healthy child.
  • The birth of a child in the Czech Republic
  • The program is acceptable to couples who are not married.

Surrogacy in the Czech Republic includes all of the following steps and services:

  1.   Analytical step:
  • Examination of the man before the IVF program
  • Assessment of the sperm quality
  • Semen cryopreservation
  • Provision of an egg donor from the clinic, information support about the provided candidate
  • Stay at comfort level, meals three times a day
  • Preparation of legal documents


  1.   Selection of a healthy embryo along with the embryo transfer:

It is the second step of surrogacy in the Czech Republic. All of the steps that are included are given below:

  • The surrogate motherhood Czech Republic has an unlimited number of egg donor IVF attempts
  • IVF + ICSI program + embryo cryopreservation
  • PICSI, IMSI (special methods for selecting spermatozoa)
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnostics Whole-Genome Screening by NGS
  • Embryo transport for internal purposes of executing the program (generated in the clinic)
  • Providing a surrogate mother
  • Unlimited number of healthy embryo transfers only


  1.   Medical surveillance of pregnancy with the delivery in the Czech Republic:

  • Surrogate Mother Pregnancy Management (Standard Medical Care)
  • Pregnancy care in Ukraine up to 6 months
  • Insurance for the surrogate mother (in the 12th week of pregnancy)
  • Transfer of the surrogate mother to the Czech Republic
  • Pregnancy care after the 8th month and childbirth in the Czech Republic
  • Full compensation for surrogate mother services, including payments made during pregnancy (after the child is born)
  • Provision of a new IVF + PGD (NGS) program with surrogate mother services and egg donation in the event of abortion at any gestational age


  1.   Registration of documents:

  • Legal support (registration of the birth certificate for the newborn)
  • Guest service, translation, transfer


Surrogacy at Ukraine:

In the 2000s, Ukraine began the growth and improvement of commercial ART. As a result, the number of private reproduction centers has increased—all of this, combined with the low cost of surrogacy, naturally attracted foreign nationals. The cost of a surrogate mother abroad was much higher than in Ukraine. So the price of a ukraine leihmutter is low.

Services of surrogacy in Ukraine:

Despite the different surrogacy prices, the selection of participants in surrogacy programs in Ukraine is no less strict than in other countries. The most common services that are available in almost all packages are as follows:

  • At least one healthy baby that was born naturally
  • Harmful drug, alcohol, nicotine tests, as well as tests for sexually transmitted diseases and more
  • No somatic and mental pathologies
  • Psychological suitability for the role of a surrogate mother
  • Surrogate mothers undergo regular examinations and tests.

Surrogacy is a medical procedure for infertile couples to have a baby naturally. Surrogacy is available in many countries except the Muslim countries, as it is prohibited there. There are different packages of surrogacy, and their price varies in other countries.

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