5 Things that Make Your Airbnb House Guest-Friendly

So, have you finally decided to convert your home into an Airbnb space and looking forward to its quick booking by tourists? I think it is an amazing move if you have multiple properties across the city. Doing so will provide you an extra source of income and a chance to interact with guests across the globe.

Till now, millions of people have reserved their vacation stay through the Airbnb website and thoroughly enjoyed the discounts and diverse range of houses. So, whatever sort of property you have, there would always be plenty of people wanting to stay in it, especially if it feels positive and offers a great view.

Cleanliness is also one of the most important factors deciding the comfort and satisfaction of the people. And as a host, it will be your responsibility to keep the house squeaky clean. Either you do it yourself or hire an Airbnb cleaning service, just be sure there is no mess. Here are a few things you need to remain considerate of –

  1. Proper Ventilation

Your small house shouldn’t be an excuse for a tight or cramped space. It can not only feel suffocating but is of course, not healthy too. You need to have proper circulation to kill microbes and keep good air quality.  An open floor layout aided with some windows and vents is what you need.

  1. Attractive Presentation

The look and feel of your Airbnb matter a lot, not just for amazing photos but also when people actually have a look in-person. Try to keep things minimal and basic as a tidy room is perfect for relaxing for the guests. Pick a color palette that is soothing to the eye and add colorful artwork. Make sure you don’t leave too many empty corners and use indoor plants for a touch of life.

  1. Dust-Free Surfaces

Despite all the windows and doors closed, dust and dirt can make a way inside your Airbnb house. It becomes a shabby sight and unhealthy for you or any guest living in the home. So, hunt down the dusty areas and clean every possible nook of the property.  Start with ceilings, walls, and then come down to lower surfaces.

  1. No Trash Surroundings

The last thing you would want your new guests to see is the stale food, drinks, and other garbage left behind by the previous customers. Hosts often forget to remove trash from kitchen and bathroom bins. However, you don’t make this mistake and always disinfect the house to make the house smelling fresh all the time.

  1. Essential Amenities

Let’s not forget that your guests have to feel at home, only then can you get good reviews from them. You have to provide them with a soft mattress, high-quality sheets, and extra blankets. Keep an electric fan in the room, if needed. In case your bedrooms face the sun, blackout curtains must not be skipped.

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