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Dental Bridge vs Dental Implants: Know the actual difference!

Below are some of the disadvantages of dental implants.

Surgery: The dentist will have to connect the implant to the bone through surgery. There are often complications involved in any operation, including nerve injury, inflammation, jaw breaks, damage to the adjacent teeth, and Losing your teeth may have a significant impact on your smile while causing difficulties. It can even put a severe gap in your self-confidence. Dental implants and dental bridges are 2 of the most important solutions that dental practitioners use to solve these issues.

Although both methods practically solve the same problems, they offer very different solutions for exploring at a technological level. If you search for the best cure for missing teeth, it is crucial to consider the recovery methods.

It is also essential to understand what each of you means before determining whether to satisfy your particular needs. Here’s what you need to do about implants and bridges and what’s appropriate for you.

What are dental bridges?

In the past, the only way you can resolve a gap between teeth was by a bridge. Today, patients who have one or two teeth missing will also benefit from a dental bridge.

As the name suggests, a dental bridge essentially “bridges” the gap between the teeth arising from a missing tooth. Therefore, the reconstruction has to be anchored to one or two adjacent teeth, and the dentist may have to bring them down to serve as a support.

Bridges should not replace the base of the teeth with braces. Instead, they use one or two of the surrounding teeth as a support to fit a crown that covers the gap of the missing teeth.


Your dentist prepares your surrounding teeth on your first appointment to have a bridge. Preparation for this requires the dentist scraping part of the enamel to re-engineer these teeth to make space for the dentist’s crown.

Your dentist will then take photographs of the teeth to be used as a blueprint from which the dentist will build crowns, braces and bridges in the clinic. To secure your uncovered gums and teeth when your bridge is under repair, the dentist will make a new dental bridge for you.

Your dentist will detach the temporary bridge at your second appointment and, if necessary, inspect and change the new metal or Porcelain Bridge to ensure a proper match. You can need several meetings, so the dentist can verify the metal frame’s fitness and bite. If you have a permanent bridge, the dentist will be able to fix it temporarily for a few weeks to ensure that it works correctly. In a few weeks, they will permanently set the bridge.


Below are some of the benefits of dental bridges.

  • Density: The density of the jawbone is not a concern.
  • Non-surgical: you’re not going to need surgery.
  • Cost: It’s less expensive than that.
  • Less invasive: you can quickly extract teeth that have been missing for some time.


Here are some of the disadvantages of a dental bridge.

  • The disintegration of the jawbone:it does not replace the teeth’ base, allowing the jawbone to deteriorate sooner.
  • Affects surrounding teeth: crowned teeth nearby may be more vulnerable to decay. The bridge also involves replacing large portions of the teeth before the damaged tooth or teeth.
  • Limited lifespan: The bridge typically lasts just 8 to 15 years before you need to repair it.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a different option for damaged teeth. They are a choice for certain people, and dental practitioners also choose dentures or bridges.

If you have gum disease, injury, or other tooth loss sources, dental implants could be the only option. A dental implant protects a crown with a titanium post that functions as a base of a tooth.

Your dental specialist will surgically insert the implant, and fuse it to your jawbone, steadying it in position.

After the fusing procedure has been finished, the dental surgeon attaches the abutment to the post-frame that extends above the gum line, creating a space for the dental crown to be screwed or cemented.


For the implant phase, you would need oral surgery. Your dental surgeon typically completes this treatment when you are under sedation.

The surgeon cuts a small hole in your jawbone during the procedure and softly clips the foundation into your bone. They’ll put the gum over the dental implant so it can recover.

Once the implant base has been successfully repaired, you will need a second surgery to fit the connector to the dental implant’s surface. The dentist would then use a small screws and unique dental adhesive to put the crown on top of this connection.


Here are some of the benefits of dental implants.

  • Simple to take care of: little maintenance is required.
  • Long-lasting: because they are of high quality, they will last a lifetime.
  • Keeping your smile confident: your dental implants are stable and healthy. They feel, look, and behave like a regular tooth.
  • Prevent bone loss: not only do implants secure the jawbone, but they also restore and promote natural bone formation.
  • Support the neighbouring teeth: they can support on their own without needing to force the other teeth.



  • Time: With one office appointment, you can’t have a dental implant. Your bone needs time to recover, which means that the whole implant process will take a couple of months.
  • Price:The cost varies based on the tooth’s state and the type of implant you are getting. The higher price of the dental implant is always what stops people from contemplating this treatment.

Find the best option for you.

The most important thing you will do to guarantee that you find the best solution for your lost tooth is to speak to our Ottawa dentist about what treatments could be best for you.

Our trustworthy dentist will thoroughly weigh all the relevant conditions of your case to make the correct recommendation for you.

Your dentist would try to supply you with the best approach that would be as soft as possible while ensuring years of consistent use.

Constitution Dental has dental clinics in Ottawa, with dentists who can help you deal with any missing teeth and build a customize treatment plan to your requirements. Schedule a consultation today with our Ottawa dentist.



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