Essential Questions to Ask your Physio in Edmonton

Finding a physio in Edmonton is not a cup of tea. The physiotherapy treatments are expensive so finding the best therapist to suit your needs is essential. Otherwise, it will be like putting money in the drain.

If you do not know the right way to decide whether the therapist is right for you or not, we have got you covered. This article includes all the essential questions that you should ask your therapist beforehand to get effective treatment.

What Are Their Qualification And Training?

The therapist must have a Master’s or Doctoral in their respective field. Furthermore, they should also be licensed. The important thing is not to mix some certification with a license, as they are entirely two separate things.

Ask your therapist about their experience and remember not to reject them immediately, just because they have less experience. Commonly, a new therapist stays under supervision for the first few years. However, a therapist with more experience in physiotherapy is always going to be more beneficial.

What Should I Expect From The Therapy?

If you are getting physiotherapy for the first time, it is essential to ask your potential therapist about the procedure. Ask them about what your treatment options are and whether they will work for your condition or not.

You can also ask them about the time required for each session and how long the therapy results will last. The therapist cannot determine the exact recovery time, but they can tell you an estimated number depending upon your condition.

The medications with the best physiotherapy services in Edmonton are common. Ask your therapist if your problem requires any additional medication or just the therapy session is enough. If you are suffering from chronic pain, inquire them if they offer shockwave therapy because it has proven to provide effective results.

Is The Therapy Covered with Insurance?

One thing to know is that not every physiotherapy treatment is covered with insurance. Ask your therapist if their clinic covers the cost through insurance or do you have to pay the full amount in cash. Some clinics also offer the option to cover the cost of treatment partially using insurance.

So before getting therapy in Edmonton, ask about the fee matter to avoid conflict and problems afterwards.

Do They Offer Virtual Therapy?

With the current pandemic situation, many clinics like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy offers virtual sessions. So, if you are not comfortable attending the in-clinic session, ask your therapist if they offer services virtually.

The virtual therapy option is also beneficial for people who have a busy schedule.

Will They Be Available For Emergencies?

Ask your therapist about the arrangements in the case of emergencies. Some therapist offers the services even after the working hours if there is an emergency, while others can provide you with the alternative options for the crisis.

If your therapist is offering neither of them, it is not a good idea to hire them.

What Is The Policy For Cancellation Or Missed Appointment?

There might be an instance where you are unable to attend your session. Ask your therapist about the policy regarding this problem. Do they reschedule the session or cancel it?

Also, ask about their cancellation policy. Do the clinic charge you in case of canceling the appointment? If so, then how much do they charge for the cancellation.

How Long Will Be The Treatment?

The longevity of any physiotherapy treatment depends on the intensity and type of injury. Still, your physio in Edmonton can tell you an estimated time for how long the treatment will last. It will help you to schedule your routine around so you won’t miss any session.

In the same manner, the time for each session varies to every person. Ask your therapist on how much time you have to spend in one session based on your injury.

What Are The Precautions To Take After Treatment?

It is a very important question to ask. The therapist will guide you on which exercises you should perform at home to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. They will also tell you about which activities you should avoid post-treatment that will adversely affect the results. A good therapist will be able to help you with all your concerns regarding post-treatment precautions.

If you feel the therapist you want to hire seems less interested in continuing to assist after the treatment, then it isn’t the best idea to hire them. It is because physiotherapy is a process that requires you to make serious lifestyle changes to see better results after the treatment. Without post-treatment precautions, it will not be effective.

This list may seem long, but it is essential to ask these questions to get the appropriate and effective physiotherapy results. If you are somewhere in Edmonton, you will find many physios. It will make it difficult to choose if you do not know the right questions to ask. This series of questions is enough to make the right decision.

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