Rising ADHD drug overdose in the US among Teens and kids

A recent report shows the rise in the number of younger children overdose on stimulant drugs typically used for treating the ADHD.The researchers demanded increased efforts and advanced psychiatry services to recognize children in danger for overdose, and more instruction of secure storage of prescribed and over-the-counter drugs for parents and carers.

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The author of the study Douglas Roehler, epidemiologist, Disease Control Prevention Centre,  U.S,  stated: “Prescribing stimulant medication has increased among youngsters, but as more and more prescription medications are already in the mainstream, there seems to be a higher possibility for addiction amongst the populations.”

“We should have a clearer knowledge of effective strategies for youngsters who may be at potential risk for stimulant  medication overdoses.”

For this survey, Roehler’s team analyzed charts in three classes of age: 0 to 10, 11 to 14, and 15 to 24, with approximately 90 million visits to the emergency room for non-fatal ODs over the three-year period. In addition to 3.3, 4 and 2.3 percent rise in stimulants, each age group saw a spike in nonfatal ODs. The research included both, prescription medication and illegal stimulants, including cocaine, which were suspected overdose stimulants.

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“Research teams have seen quite an increase in fatalities involving stimulants ever since 2016. Several studies have confirmed it for youngsters 15–24 years old, so this is surprising to see stimulant overdoses that are non-fatal in the younger populations,” Roehler stated.

Overdoses of opioids, methamphetamine and stimulants were up by 2 percent among the younger population, while children aged between 11 and 14 were up by 2.3%, according to the results.

However, these ODs are relatively uncommon, the authors of the study have warned. In particular, out of 10,000 visits to the emergency room, 22.3 were suspected of overdosing of medication among children from 0-10 years of age, as were 43.2 of 10,000 among children from 11-14 years of age. As per the study, the average overdose of 15 to 24-year-olds for every 10,000 visits in the emergency department was 85.2.

The study gave a ray of hope. During the course of the study, nonfatal overdoses of heroin decreased by 3.3 percent in young people aged 15 – 24, the researchers observed, but some other researchers note that stimulant ODs are most probably triggered by prescription medication which are left behind or/and stored improperly, reflecting national patterns, which show a substantial decrease in 15-24-year-old heroin overdose deaths between 2016 to 2017.

“Youngsters get such drugs via their own homes, and families often might not even be informed about how to secure or keep them locked up,” stated Dr Dean Drosnes, the Caron Treatment Centers Medical Director, an addiction recovery program with many US centers. “In children, those were accidental ODs, specifically,” he said. He added that the overall picture can’t be denied. “Once you see such numbers, they’re irrefutable. These patterns are true,” Drosnes stated.

“Pediatricians have to check for substance misuse, diagnose it to get children to the correct place because then they can get all the support they want and not wind up in a hospital room,” said Drosnes. Many children may not get the support they need. According to details cited in the new report, only about one-third of the youngsters who visit the emergency dept. for a probable overdose are seeking addiction treatment.

However, this research does not mean too dangerous to prescribe stimulant drugs, advised Dr Scott Krakower, psychiatrist for adolescents and children at Glen Oaks, New York

“Stimulants have a relatively large beneficial impact and it should never be ignored because they are highly successful in improving ADHD symptoms,” Krakower stated. Untreated ADHD like the difficulty of focus, staying still or/and managing impulsive behavior can trigger issues at work, school and relationships.

“Family ought to check the medication and ensure there must be proper safety systems in place, because stimulants are seldom purchased on the road,” stated Krakower.

There are drawbacks to the new research. Initially, only the principal argument on the charts was open to researchers, not final diagnosis. It also did not include overdose treatment in emergency facilities or departments that were not reported to the national syndrome surveillance program, CDC.

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