8 Routine Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Dark circles, dark patches underneath eyelids, are undesirable and common among men and women. It makes a person look older and is a hindrance to fresh and younger skin goals. For some, dark circles are quite severe and seem impossible to go away.

Before getting into know how to get it fixed, it is crucial to know the root causes. Knowing the main cause behind it will help get the right treatment or therapy to fix the cause.

Causes Of Dark Circles

A condition of darkened eye sockets is what we know as dark circles. There are numerous causes behind it. Let us discuss some leading causes of dark circles. It becomes easy to deal with it if the cause behind it is known.

1.      Genetic History

For some, dark circles occur due to genetic history in the family. In such cases, dark circles appear under the eyes even in childhood, which might worsen as the person grows older. It is hereditary because of some factors that contribute to it. These factors are melanin production and collagen level.

2.      Dehydration

It is another leading cause of dark circles. A body deficit in fluids is more susceptible to dark circles. It happens because the skin lacks enough moisture and appears dull, dry, and pigmented. The skin beneath the eyes is delicate, and just like the eyes needs hydration to stay fresh.

3.      Age

Another important yet inevitable factor is aging. As the skin gets older, it loses its elasticity with a drop in collagen and fat levels. The skin also gets thinner with aging, making blood vessels under the eyes become more visible and making the eyes appear darker.

4.      Sleep Pattern

A disruptive sleep pattern may also cause dark circles. When a person is not getting enough sleep and experiences disturbed sleep patterns, dark circles might show up underneath the eyes. This occurs because of fluid build-up beneath the eyes. Lack of sleep makes eyes appear dull and dark.

5.      Alcohol

With excessive alcohol intake, it is common to feel drowsy and fall asleep. However, it creates restlessness all night and makes it harder to sleep at night. Alcohol addiction is quite common in the general public and veterans. In addition to public rehab centers, there are many veterans-specific addiction treatment programs offered in several rehab centers.

6.      Eye Strain

Often stress and fatigue put an immense strain on the eyes. Stress can increase blood supply to other body organs and drain blood from the face makes it appear dull and pale, and results in dark circles. Likewise, fatigue and overwork can act as a stressor and make eyes appear darker.

Routine Remedies

Though there are countless remedies to treat dark circles, consistency and patience may assure good results. Change does not occur overnight, so relax. Certainly, you might observe good results, but it will take some time and more effort. Some of these routine remedies are as following

1.      Cold Compress

A cold compress for few minutes may help to reduce dark circles. You may do it by any means, either by using ice cubes, a pair of cucumber slices, or any other possible means. The aim is to reduce eye puffiness and swelling. It also helps dilated blood vessels to get back to a normal state.

2.      Mild Astringent

A number of mild natural astringents are available, and they have multipurpose uses. You may use a mild astringent such as cucumber, lemon, and even rose water. It is useful in shrinking and constricting dilated tissues of the skin. It further cleanses, tightens, and brightens skin pores.

3.      Cold Tea Bags

Tea is a rich source of antioxidants and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Using cold tea bags on the eyes helps in soothing down strained and inflamed blood vessels under the eyes. It is also beneficial in preventing liquid retention beneath the eyes.

4.      Cold Milk

Dairy products are a rich source of Vitamin A. Retinoid, in Vitamin A, keeps skin bright and makes it look younger. You may dip cotton in cold milk and then apply it directly to the eyes. It may be kept overnight, or you may even rinse it with cold water after few minutes

5.      Vitamin E

Vitamin E is effective in fighting against free radicals. Vitamin E can also be acquired from dietary sources, or you may even directly apply Vitamin E oil on dark circles. Give it a gentle massage and leave it overnight. This would definitely help to reduce dark circles.

6.      Get A Sound Sleep

If dark circles are resulting from sleep deprivation, getting a sound sleep minimum of 8 hours of sleep can help say goodbye to dark circles. Also, the way you sleep matters a lot. Sleeping on your back and keeping your head a bit higher helps prevent fluid retention under the eyes and thus resultantly gives you eyes free from dark circles and puffiness.

7.      Regular Exercise

Exercise helps in regulating healthy blood circulation. It also helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. This occurs when the brain releases endorphins into the blood. Making it a routine helps in giving younger and brighter skin. It is also beneficial in maintaining a good calm and mood.

8.      Good Hydration

Hydration helps in resolving many skin issues. About 64% of human skin is water. It is important to drink plenty of water and avoid habits that could result in dehydration. Water, on the one hand, cleans away toxins from the skin, and on the other hand, it gives skin enough moisture useful in the prevention of dryness and puffiness.

Take Away

Men and Women both can get dark circles at some point during their life. Many causes could result in dark circles around the eyes. Knowing the root cause may help in taking corrective measures. What might have worked for one may not work for others? Several remedies can be adopted to get rid of dark circles.

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