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A complete BBQ Guide – Tips on how to cook outdoors

It’s summer now, and most people love to go outside and grill. However, there’s a fear of lighting barbecue. Well, it times to learn how to use barbecue. It might look complicated in the beginning; however, it’s easy to use. Most people suffer from food poising during this season than any other time of the year, and it has a lot to do with incomplete barbecue cooked.

Let’s deep dive in barbecue blog and learn to cook outdoors.

1.Choose your grill

The foremost step is to buy the best grill you can afford. I’ll recommend you to go with a kettle-style grill, as it is available in different sizes and come in handy in all situations. The best thing is that there’s a lot of space to cook at once, and it is perfect for indirect cooking.

2.Fuel the flames

Source sustainable lump wood charcoal instead of opting for charcoal that is exported from overseas. The local lump wood isn’t coated in flame-retardant chemicals, while the exported ones are depreciating in quality.

3.Stay away from gas

Stay away from the gas, no matter if people claim to make the experience better. Gas has hydrocarbons which release moisture and make it hard to get the proper sear. Instead of a gas cooker, go for coals and use wood chunks to get a lovely, sweet texture on your barbecue.

4.Lit coal faster

Invest in chimney faster. It has a metal tube with a metal basket grill on the bottom for holding charcoal. Load it up, put a crumpled page of newspaper below, and light – you’ll have hot coals inside five or six minutes.

5.Don’t cook fridge cold

Take the meat out of the fridge and keep it away for at least half an hour. It will make it come at room temperature before hitting the grill. This also means you require less fuel fighting the cold.

6.Handle the heat

I set up my grill in a manner that charcoal is on one half of the base and none on the other. This way, I’m able to color food at the right char and then move to the other side. This guarantees that the meat isn’t burnt on the outside before it’s cooked as a whole.

7.Keep it clean

Don’t use the same board or tongs for cooked and raw meat. Either wash it or use a separate pair of tongs and a separate board for raw and cooked food.

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