Fantastic Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Every Business

Guerrilla marketing isn’t a new marketing concept, although many may fail to realize its meaning. Guerrilla marketing is a type of marketing approach where unconventional ideas or techniques are used to promote a brand (product or service).

Although not very common, several global brands utilize or have ever used guerrilla marketing to introduce a new product or reintroduce one. The outstanding fact about guerrilla marketing is its mind-blowing tactics in presenting a brand to the audience.

A perfect example is Gold Toe, a US-based brand that chose to dress different New York street statues with their product-line-add-on (shirts and underwear) in 2010. Hilarious as it seemed, the technique worked!

If you are a marketer, marketing agency like ppc agency ottawa, or brand and want to run a guerrilla marketing campaign, this is how to make it a total success!

  1. Go Creative 

Consumers are quite familiar with the usual marketing approaches, and unless you come with out-of-the-box ideas, your campaign may fail. As a brand, create a new logo that identifies you and distinguishes you from other brands. It may be a logo, colour, or being funny. The primary purpose is to attract attention and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Remember that guerrilla marketing also complies with ethical marketing guidelines, and these may differ depending on your locality.

  1. Target Busy Areas 

Go where people are to launch your product! Marketing or advertising is all about people and brands. When you place your brand in a secluded area, it is undoubtedly un-effective because you only target a handful of customers. But when you focus on busy centres, urban zones, subways, and traffic light areas, then you are targeting the right people and potential customers.

  1. Billboards

We see this daily; however, you will find that certain modern cities are all about billboards if you have travelled before. Whichever the case, advertise your product on billboards and indeed those near traffic lights and in urban centres. Choose the right colour palette, attractive images or graphics while designing your billboard.

  1. Digitalize Your Campaign 

We live in a digitalized world, and being blindfolded about it only minimizes opportunities. A website is a basic need for every business, but if you don’t have one, utilize all social media platforms to interact with your customers. Craft engaging content, use rich media and stick to what you do best.

Be unique, and besides, personalize your customers’ experiences. Relate to them by thanking those that sign up to your newsletter, interact via email, and share quality updates.


While going the guerrilla way may require much input in terms of time, money, and strategists, a well-planned guerrilla marketing strategy is a total game-changer. It is a bold marketing strategy that we have seen work, and it can still work for your business. Consider captivating options yet humorous to appeal to the audience. Other factors like demographics, cost, and target audience matter.

Analyze the market and identify opportunities before embarking on your campaign. The approach is ideal almost for every business such as textile brands, beer companies, movie companies etc.

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