The best of surprises for women’s day

Women are no less than goddesses in India and certainly, they are to those who have got countless blessings from those women. She may be your mother, your sister, your wife, or your girlfriend, or your grandmother but you know she is the biggest inspiration behind your every move. Your mom may ask you if you want to eat ladoos in winters and your wife may call you every day during lunchtime in the office, your sister may casually make you a handmade card on behalf of the family. And your grandma may want to slip you some money on festivals, and your girlfriend may cook you food even though she knows little about it. Women work in mysterious ways, they are no less than cupid in many lives. The day to celebrate womanhood seems serene and pure in itself. The bond you share with any woman in your life gives you a lot of lessons and learning in life. Celebrating each of that learning from each of those women, we have come up with a list of promising things you can do to make it an ultimate bash.

  • Order a cake

To order cake delivery in Tirupati is a must, what else decides the beginning of the party anyways. You can choose the very new and trending pinata cakes or go for designer or photo cakes. It has to be out of the box, it can be what you like. Chocolate, orange, coffee, red velvet are some evergreen flavours ready to serve you.

  • Invite them all

Invite the woman in your friend circle or if you are dedicating a day to your mom you can call all her friends. This way she gets a day with her friends and has nothing to worry about and she can talk about the most random things not worrying about her kids, family or anyone else.

  • Set up snacks and games

 These women you have invited would appreciate a little pack of snacks and games. After all, you have promised them a wonderful woman’s day haven’t you. It can include tikkas, chaat, gol gappa and so on. Some dishes like Dahi kebab and sushi may also be loved.

  • Bonfire

 A bonfire is a good option if you are up for an outdoor light night party. It should be in a safe place and must have some food items around. Roasting marshmallows, veggies and non-vegetarian items on the fire is a good idea.

  • Drinks

 Drinks should be there and it should be ‘on the house’. Give these almighty women a day off from their hectic lives and never-ending parenthood. Let them chill with a chilled beer and without any kids around. Bring around some spin and let them go crazy with a little spin the bottle.

  • Presents

 Presents are important, how else will you make it outstanding and memorable. These may include dashing handbags, attire, photo frames, wallpaper, LED lamps, bottle lamps, gift vouchers, video games, vanity kits and so much more, it’s a never-ending list.

  • Food

 Food is a must for all parties, it is what people revolve around especially when it’s a free day without responsibilities and diets have especially been kept aside. Include pasta, tikka, mushrooms, salad, a main course like naan, paneer, chicken and other varied items in your menu and it should be fine.

  • Outings

If she may like to go out instead of staying in, you should take her for an outing. You can go to nearby picnic stops, historic places to visit, places apt for great photoshoots or some popular cafes and pubs. Whatever the mood the thing can be arranged.

  • Trip

A trip to the outskirts of town or mountains and rivers far away is always the best idea. No one denies it. You can go to places in India like Manali, Goa and Andaman islands or outside India to Dubai or London.

  • Wish list

 All women have a wishlist you just need to figure it out or ask for it yourself. Doing say will bring to you an overwhelming list of everyday requirements including dress, accessories, makeup, cosmetics, food date or other stuff she may need and more than that, want.

Are you ready to spend a generous amount of emotions and fortune to make your ladies women’s special day special?


Binta Hawa

BintaHawa has been a part of the journey ever since started. She has a special curiosity for events and stories revolving in and around the world. BintaHawa an uncompromising form of journalistic standard for her audiences.

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