Can AllegianceMD help improve patient engagement in 2021?

AllegianceMD EMR offers a fully-functional cloud-based software that is designed to meet the unique needs of small and mid-sized practices, as well as ambulatory surgery centers. This platform provides a user-centered design and automation of the day-to-day tasks. No newcomer to this competitive industry, it builds on more than two decades of experience. Today, it offers solutions across a wide variety of areas, including patient engagement, electronic health records, practice management, and merit-based payment.

This software gives users complete autonomy over their medical practice with 100% uptime, while focusing on patient engagement. It comes pre-loaded with fully customizable templates that let users focus on writing patient charts. AllegianceMD is web-based and offers responsive customer care. Key features include billing, scheduling, claims management, e-prescribing, and a reporting system.

Patients can easily fill their demographics and history online as per the provider’s predetermined parameters. In addition to this, the software captures clinical encounters with patients electronically without changing a user’s workflow. It uses machine learning algorithms and offers a fully integrated package to enable physicians to manage specific diagnoses and periods of care.

This article covers AllegianceMD features that can help you boost patient engagement for your healthcare organization, so let’s see what those are.

Top 7 AllegianceMD EMR features to help you boost patient engagement

AllegianceMD comes power-packed with industry’s most comprehensive tools that empower users to improve the quality of care and achieve consistent and value-driven patient engagement.

1.     Patient Portal

This software offers a robust patient portal to increase patient engagement. It allows patients to view their medical records online, including health maintenance, appointments, clinical summaries, and more. Patients can update their insurance data, demographics, current medication, and medical history. AllegianceMD EMR Software helps patients to securely request appointments, receive lab and test results. it also allows patients to:

  • Register online by simply requiring clinicians to enter patient email when registering them.
  • Electronic request for prescription refills directly through the portal. This automatically shows up in their personal dashboard, enabling them to review and sign off.
  • Make secure payments online and view their statement history.
  • Fill out demographics data online from the comfort of their homes. This saves data entry time while making the process more convenient for patients.
  • Send and receive messages directly to and from your healthcare organization.

2.     Patient Messaging

Patient messaging is a highly useful feature of the patient portal that increases patient engagement by setting up aliases for secure messaging. It facilitates communication between patients and their providers.

3.     Online Scheduling

Online scheduling functionality creates blocks on your schedule to let patients request their own appointments through the portal. Patients can specify a date and time, as well as receive automated reminders for their upcoming visits. This makes it easier for patients to schedule appointments online.

4.     Appointment Reminder

Appointment reminders help doctors improve ongoing care for their patients by automatically delivering reminders prior to their visits. You can send emails, texts, phone calls or a combination of any of these to make sure your patients are properly notified.

5.     Patient Kiosk

AllegianceMD EMR Software offers a patient kiosk feature to reduce manual data gathering. It allows patients to enter and update their demographic information while waiting.

6.     Patient Education

It provides users with relevant information to identify specific education resources and share those with their patients to improve health outcomes.

7.     TeleMedicine

The software offers a powerful telemedicine solution that allows users to create virtual appointments to see their patients efficiently and quickly. It makes the care process easier for you, and those who are unable to visit your setup.

Overview of AllegianceMD EMR software benefits: User Reviews

Looking through the user reviewers, we found the following benefits of this EMR product:

  • Faster Charting

AllegianceMD Software Reviews vouch for the fact that it uses machine learning algorithms to learn treatment preferences and your unique way of managing diagnoses. This allows for faster and more efficient charting.

  • Interactions

The software allows prescribers to quickly check for allergy-to-allergy, drug-to-drug, and drug-disease interactions to eliminate dangerous errors.

  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard

AllegianceMD’s user-friendly dashboard provides users a bird’s eye view of their appointments and allows them to start a virtual session with just a single click. Not only this, users can send faxes from the dashboard, while incoming faxes are automatically converted to an electronic format.

  • Meets Regulatory Requirements

Users can electronically report to states with active immunization registries easily. The software also helps to comply with Meaningful Use and MACRA/MIPS.

  • Clinical Decision Support

Users who booked AllegianceMD EMR Demo suggest that it provides instant information to providers to let them make informed decisions about their patients’ care. It also allows users to import the medication history of a patient.

Support Details

AllegianceMD offers support in a number of ways.  this includes via a toll-free phone number and email. There is also an online portal that requires users to enter their contact information and account number to utilize this self-service option for creating a trouble ticket on their own.


Like most of the vendors in this industry, AllegianceMD also does not share their pricing details publicly, and has it opaque on their website. To obtain the pricing, users are required to contact the company, and the practice needs a contact person to supply the name, phone number, and email via an online portal to initiate the process.


According to AllegianceMD EMR Software reviews, this platform falls short on a physician mobile app as it is currently being introduced to new features. Looking through the user reviews, we also found out that the billing, in particular for Medicare patients, does not go through, thus resulting in delayed payments. Some users also felt that software has a clunky workflow, which was inefficient for the clinicians.

Final Verdict

AllegianceMD EMR offers comprehensive features that can shoulder much of the burden of running a busy healthcare facility. The highlights include the multiple patient engagement functionalities that lets your patients schedule appointments online, look up their lab results, communicate with their providers, access health records, request prescription refills, and much more to save time for your organization. For more information on how you can improve patient engagement with this EMR product, you can book its demo on FindEMR.

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