Is MCAT required to study Medicine in Caribbean for international students?

Medical College Admission Test, commonly known as MCAT, is mandatory for securing admission to most medical schools in the Caribbean. It is a computer-based examination that tests the skills and knowledge of medical applicants. Therefore, MCAT scores play a crucial role in securing admission to a medical school. In 2015, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) added some new sections such as Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior besides physical and biological sciences, writing skills and verbal reasoning in the MCAT exam structure. Notably, the questions in the MCAT exam are framed by medical educators, physicians and residents to interpret the understanding level and potential of the medical aspirants.

Although medical schools in the Caribbean provide admissions to students with low MCAT scores, taking the MCAT is among the mandatory med school requirements for US citizens, nationals, locals or permanent residents.

An insight into Caribbean medical school requirements

Due to the low acceptance rates in the US or Canada, many students prefer studying medicines in offshore medical schools. In addition, rolling admission policy, less GPA or MCAT score, residency in the US, cutting-edge curriculum, accredited medical programs, world-class and fully equipped infrastructures, and pleasant weather make the Caribbean one of the best study destinations for international students.

Although getting admissions in the Caribbean medical schools is easier than in the US or Canada, earning a degree from the leading Caribbean medical school students have to prove their potential by taking the MCAT exam. Apart from the medical applicants from the Caribbean or other nations, taking the MCAT exam is recommended for those students with the below-mentioned criteria.

  1. Medical applicants with outdated required science coursework that is older than five years.
  2. Medical applicants with science coursework from a community college.
  3. Medical applicants who have obtained a ‘C’ grade or lower in the science courses.

After taking the MCAT exam, medical applicants can send their scores online. Notably, the MCAT code of the medical schools are available online and students can send their scores as soon as they are available on the official website of the AAMC. Besides the MCAT exam, medical applicants from the US or Canada must have a minimum of three years of an undergraduate degree. If students do not have an undergraduate degree, they must have the equivalent pre-medical requirements from a recognized college or university with 90 semester hours.

Since the English language is the medium of instruction at top medical schools in the Caribbean, students are required to prove their English proficiency by taking the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). In addition, patient care experience is also required to earn a degree at the leading medical schools in the Caribbean.

Do you have what it takes to attend a prestigious and leading medical school in the Caribbean? If no, prepare for the MCAT examination. If yes, apply to the accredited medical program in the leading medical schools of the Caribbean right away.

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