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Must-Have Healthcare App Features

Mobile healthcare application development is something that has become quite trendy in recent years. Thanks to various healthcare mobile apps, users integrate such healthcare app features that users find valuable and convenient for effective medical treatment.

Healthcare app features might vary from each other, but the expected results of all of them is nearly the same. These healthcare app development services occur to make life easier for clinic and hospital patients. These healthcare app projects make it easy for users to keep track of their test results, pay their bills and many more. These apps have also been quite helpful for doctors.

Healthcare app features keep improving, as these healthcare app projects have become a point of focus for any healthcare provider. It is also estimated that healthcare application development will have a market share of 46 billion US dollars in the coming years. That is about 25% of the digital healthcare app development market. Thus the companies who deal with this industry in various capacities should be in your sights.

Here we will cover the importance of healthcare mobile apps and healthcare app features that will benefit your apps.

What is the Importance of Healthcare Mobile App Development Services?

There are various healthcare mobile apps in the market. The healthcare app features are the only thing that helps your app to differentiate from your competitors. So let’s know what the significance of healthcare mobile app development is.

  • Healthcare app features provide ease of medicine availability.
  • Healthcare app projects provided with the convenience of experts are easily available online.
  • Utilizing healthcare apps is reliable, convenient.
  • Healthcare mobile apps are a reliable source of information for users.
  • These healthcare app projects offer existing opportunities like the ability to expand patient care beyond the walls of a clinic.
  • Undoubtedly the rise in demand for wearable and healthcare mobile apps they are commanding the app stores.

In this digital era, every pharma company is looking to develop their mobile healthcare apps as it helps them to generate revenue. The numerical value of revenue that is expected out of these apps may reach 60 million in 2020.

In brief, users are quite aware in comparison to a decade before. Everything is easily available online with the help of the internet, starting from healthcare tips, medical science, symptoms, and many more.

Must-Have Healthcare App Features

Here we will look at some of the must-have healthcare app features that play an important role in healthcare app development. All types of healthcare apps require to be user-friendly. As these apps have all the information and history of patients, thus it requires to be integrated with the best data security features. Apart from these crucial features, some features add value and help your mobile app to stand out in the competitive environment. So let’s look at some of these value-added healthcare app features:


The most significant feature in any healthcare app project is analyzing the patient’s vital signs, like heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, calorie intake, pulse, and many more important health readings.

Reminders and Scheduling

This healthcare app feature provides patients with trouble-free doctor appointments. Users can also set up reminders for sleep, medicine intake, daily calorie consumption targets, water intake and health checkups.

Social Media Sign-In

Integrating this feature in your healthcare app development will allow users to have quick sign-in on the patient app. Although, many users are against sharing private information with 3rd party social media apps. So you can explain in your healthcare mobile app privacy policy the level of access to personal profiles on your social media.

Physician Information

With the help of these healthcare mobile app features, patients can search for doctors based on specialty, location, availability and other parameters. Users can also search for a doctor’s profile in detail before they book their appointment.

Patient Information Database

This healthcare mobile app feature will allow the software to save the medical history, prescriptions, reports and other sensitive data. This data can be accessed by both physicians and doctors anytime.

Real-time Chats

With the help of this feature, patients can get access to chat with their physicians in real-time and get timely assistance. This feature will provide easy access to healthcare and will result in building trust between patients and doctors.


In such situations where a patient is away from his familiar healthcare clinic and requires immediate assistance. With integrated navigation services like Google maps or other 3rd party map services, this healthcare feature can guide patients to nearby hospitals. It can also be a great help for healthcare providers to find a patient in case of an emergency.

Reviews and Ratings

The healthcare app features reviews and ratings that will help patients provide valuable feedback and share their treatment experiences with other patients. These reviews will help patients to decide better and create credibility and develop patient loyalty for health care service providers.

Payment Gateway

Integrate mobile payment integration with advanced digital payment features like net banking, wallets, debit/credit cards and many more as it allows patients to securely and conveniently pay for their treatment and insurance. Patients can also get direct access to the copies of bills for easy documentation.

As per the requirement of your healthcare mobile apps, you can also integrate these extra features to get an edge over your competitors.

  • Analytics
  • Prescriptions
  • File sharing capabilities
  • Access to information (patient history, medicines, diseases)
  • Access to EMR/EHRs
  • Lab appointment booking
  • Wearable integration
  • one-click emergency service
  • Report management

This list of healthcare app features is incomplete. As you start offering more services or the technology advances, your app needs to be upgraded with advanced features. But this list will help your hiring custom mobile app development company to understand your requirements and integrate features accordingly.


Mobile app development in healthcare develops a means of interaction between a doctor and a patient. It also solves various problems for the owner of healthcare business such as:

  • boosts staff efficiency.
  • Increases customer loyalty.
  • It saves everybody’s time.
  • It promotes patient awareness.

Whether you own a healthcare business or not, booking a mobile application for your business would be a great tool for additional income. Now is a great time to tap and invest in such mobile healthcare opportunities.

Investing in healthcare mobile app development will help you to attract new customers and gain profits. Top custom mobile app development company who have their expertise in the healthcare industry can strengthen your product and services and bring additional value to your business.

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