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Revolutionary Invisalign Technology to Overcome 7 Annoying Dental Problems

Invisalign is an unbelievably popular procedure to improve your smile. Unlike the conventional treatment this modern approach uses clear plastic aligners that are easily removable. In other words it offers greater convenience and discretion to straighten the teeth. Thus unlike that in the past a large number of adults are now availing this orthodontic smile improvement treatment. Compared to the traditional braces, it offers results much faster.

However this modern procedure also requires a higher level of commitment to deliver expected results on time. You have to keep wearing the plastic trays or aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. If you fail in that then better forget the desired results more than anything else. The best thing about these aligners is they remain discreet inside the mouth. Made from high quality transparent or clear plastic the item is highly flexible. You can easily wear the transparent brackets to work, in gym and any other social activity one can name. no one will get to know that you are on orthodontic braces although they may notice something inside your mouth. You can be rest assured that you won’t at least be identified because of your metal mouth like that in conventional braces treatment. In other words this cutting-edge orthodontic teeth-straightening procedure saves you from embarrassment in social situations.

Unlike the conventional metal braces the plastic aligners allow you eat your favourite foods. In fact there is no diet restriction when you are on Invisalign treatment which is never the case in braces treatment. Just take the aligners out before eating or drinking anything other than plain water. Once the food or the drink is finished brush the teeth and put the aligners back in place. Moreover the plastic trays are easier to clean than those heavy metal braces. To cut a long story short, this revolutionary teeth-straightening procedure redefines convenience for the patients in ways more than one can count.

However on the flip side the procedure has a pretty limited approach and cannot be used in a lot of other orthodontic issues. According to one of the top notch orthodontic experts in London, the modern braces treatment is effective is resolving the following teeth misalignment issues:

  • Crooked teeth – this is one of the commonest reasons why people especially adults opt for Invisalign treatment. If your teeth are misaligned or crooked it is possible to get properly aligned through the invisible braces treatment. Your smile gets improved along with overall aesthetic appeal in the process. It also boosts your level of self confidence which in turn changes your overall personality magically.
  • Overbite – the problem is also known as overjet and it occurs as a result of the upper front teeth overlapping the lower front teeth. Overlapping occurs because the teeth at the upper jaw are bigger than those in the lower one. However, it is relevant mentioning here a little overjet or overbite is normal. But when the problem affects your aesthetic appearance and leads to oral health problems, correction is necessary. What happens when the problem is left neglected? The lower set of the teeth slowly but steady wear away. This triggers gum problems and aching jaw. Invisalign offers perfect solution to this dental problem.
  • Under bite – this problem is just the reverse of overbite discussed above. This problem occurs as the result of the lower front teeth being larger than those in the upper jaws. If left unattended to the issue leads to severe pain in the jaw and at the joints. Apart from wearing out of the teeth it also affects your normal chewing and speaking abilities. Invisalign offers the right solution to overcome this problem.
  • Open bite – when your mouth is closed the teeth at the upper and lower jaws do not meet. If that is the case then you have an open bite issue. This problem is common among both kids and adults. It most affects people who prefer placing an item, like a pencil, pacifier or a pen, between their teeth. This problem affects your aesthetic appeal. Moreover biting certain food items becomes difficult. You may also develop a lisp in your speech and the teeth develop cracks in course of time. Invisalign is a reliable procedure to move the teeth at the lower and the upper jaws to correct this problem.
  • Cross bite – when some of the upper row teeth rest inside the lower ones when you have your mouth closed the problem is called cross bite. The problem can further be categorised as front and back cross bite based on exactly which teeth are affected. Various factors are responsible for development of this issue including early loss of baby teeth, serious trauma, poor oral hygiene and others. The problem if left untreated can permanently change the structure of the face. Wearing out and chipping of teeth are common too. Moreover the problem hampers normal growth of the jaws. Invisalign is a suitable treatment to correct this problem.
  • Gappy teeth – gaps between two adjacent teeth does not look good at all. It has a negative impact on your smile and also triggers wearing out of the gum tissues. Moreover, food debris easily get stuck in the gaps paving the way for bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Invisalign is a reliable method to overcome the problem.
  • Crowded teeth – the teeth may get twisted, overlapped or get pushes in the front or behind the neighbouring teeth in some cases. It seems asif there is a prominent space crunch to accommodate the teeth. As a result they bunch together instead of getting evenly spaces on the jaw. Bunched or crowded teeth are difficult to brush and clean. This leads to the growth of harmful bacteria and plaque build up. Caries or tooth cavities are common for these people as is gum disease. You should tackle this problem in a proactive manner instead of waiting for the side effects to show up. Qualified dentists dealing patients with in invisible braces at Chatfield Dental Braces assure Invisalign is a reliable solution to overcome the crowded teeth problem

If you suffer from any of the problems discussed above and are yet to start the treatment just do not delay any more. The earlier the treatment starts the earlier your quality of life improves.

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