How to take control of your self-confidence

Self-confidence helps us get through our day-to-day lives, build healthy relationships, and overcome challenges in healthy ways.

However, many people struggle with achieving and maintaining healthy levels of self-confidence, which can have profound impacts on their lives and overall wellbeing.

Here are 5 ways to take control of your self-confidence

1. Improve your smile

Studies have shown that tooth problems negatively impact self-esteem and overall health, but having a beautiful smile increases confidence. When we know our teeth look great we’re more comfortable in social situations and don’t hesitate to laugh or smile in front of new people. Oral health problems have a particularly profound impact on young people, according to a study published in The Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research.

Talk to your dentist about dental implants and other procedures that could address your oral health concerns. Implants are a safe and effective way to replace missing or decaying teeth with a tooth that looks and feels natural.

2. Start by setting attainable goals

Accomplishing tasks, no matter how small, helps us feel good about ourselves and our abilities.

Fill your to-do list with tasks you know you’ll have time to accomplish and cross them off as you go. Don’t worry about doing everything perfectly the first time – just accomplishing a few tasks is enough to boost your self-confidence and get motivated to try harder tasks.

After a while, you can start making bigger, more long-term goals to work toward.

3. Get into a hobby

Participating in a fun activity gives you a chance to succeed at something and meet new people. It’s also a great way to shake up your normal routine and work toward a different type of goal while avoiding boredom, The Poughkeepsie Journal reported.

Studies have also found that people who spend long periods of time participating in a hobby were more likely to believe they could perform in their careers or jobs, according to The British Psychological Society. Though it’s impossible to say which hobby offers the biggest boost to self-confidence, researchers note that your hobby should be significantly different from your career and other full-time commitments.

4. Practice positive self-talk

We all talk to ourselves throughout the day, and how we talk to ourselves impacts our thoughts and feelings. Give yourself mini pep talks before doing something and be kind to yourself if something doesn’t go your way.

If you struggle to find ways to speak to yourself kindly, take time to write down your big accomplishments and make a habit of reviewing them. Eventually, you’ll be able to recall all of the things you’ve already been able to do and positive self-talk will be easier.

5. Don’t skip physical activity

Regular exercise not only improves your physical appearance and overall health – it also boosts your mood. It’s also easy to tie small, attainable goals to exercise so you feel accomplished at the end of every workout.

Even a 30-minute workout is enough to release enough endorphins to feel better and less stressed.


Murtaza Ali

Murtaza Ali is a digital marketing expert and creative content writer with skills in online writing, blogging, and social media marketing. He likes to share his knowledge with readers in an inspiring and motivational way.

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