Have You Used Oral Steroids For Asthma?

Initially, the steroids were designed and developed to treat chronic diseases; however, some steroids are still being used for medical purposes specifically. The specific type of steroids used for treating severe medical conditions are called corticosteroids, such steroids are given to treat asthmatic patients.

Asthma is a long-term respiratory disorder in which the airways are blocked as they get swollen and thus they become narrow and this makes it difficult for the patient to breathe properly. Asthma is also referred to as bronchial asthma or chronic respiratory disease.

It is important to know how steroids can be beneficial in treating asthma. We will briefly explain in this article that oral steroids are used to cure asthma.

How Do Steroids Help Treat Asthma?

The type of steroids used to treat asthma is called corticosteroids, which are the fabricated version of the hormones produced naturally by your body.

How Do Corticosteroids Work?

Corticosteroids help asthma by soothing swollen airways and preventing inflammation. This practice provides comfort to asthma symptoms such as breathlessness and coughing along with preventing your lungs from reacting through other causes.

People may have a myth that the steroids used in asthma medicine may harm them but the fact is that these medicines are completely a different type of steroid than the muscle building or hair growing type. Since you inhale the corticosteroids they reach directly to your lungs where they are needed the most. Unlike the other pills or injections which go throughout the body and thus increase the risk of after-effects.

Oral Steroids For Asthma

The oral steroids which are made for the same purpose are often available insoluble and in other liquid forms. They contain a higher dose of steroids than an inhaler. In order to treat asthma, your general physician will set your dose accordingly. Below is a rough breakdown of how corticosteroids are given to cure asthma in people of different age groups.

Adult: Corticosteroids are usually prescribed for five days (at least).

Children: Corticosteroids are usually prescribed for three days (at least).

Usually with this dosage asthma attacks can be controlled but if a longer course is required then the strength in the dosages is reduced to lowest. You may need to take them for weeks or sometimes for a few months depending upon your condition. You may take the tablets until you are completely recovered.

Consulting a physician to discuss the health condition is better as it helps the physician understand the dose better by keeping your health condition in view. So, never take steroids during asthma attacks on your own.

How Can You Get The Most Out Of The Corticosteroids?

It is advised to carry on with the preventer inhaler so that the lowest doses of steroids can benefit you the most and help you recover completely. Along with the prescribed dose, follow the following methods to achieve the best outcomes.

Don’t stop taking the corticosteroids before the course is completed: If you begin to feel better before the course is completed, don’t leave it in between because the airways will remain swollen unless the dose is completed. This can even worsen your asthma symptoms and can lead to life-threatening asthma attacks.

Be sure that you are fully recovered: When you feel that you are left with no symptoms such as wheeze, cough, difficulty in breathing, etc. and if you don’t feel the need to use your preventer inhaler as well. It means that you have recovered.

If you are not completely recovered: If after the course you don’t get relieved and asthmatic symptoms are observed, then consult your general physician and ask for advice. In such cases, the steroids course needs to be started once again to get the swollen airways cured. Make sure to start the second course as soon as the first course ends so that the effects of corticosteroids continue with the next dose. The main purpose of doing this is to make sure that the swelling in the lungs does not build up again and get out of control.

Discuss other medical issues with your doctor: Tell your physician if you are experiencing other medical conditions such as high blood pressure, ulcer or diabetes. Moreover, if you are taking medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and anticoagulants which can react in any way with the corticosteroids.

 Have you used oral steroids for asthma?

There is no harm in taking oral steroids as I have experienced taking oral steroids during asthma and I got relieved as they give you instant relief since they start reacting as soon as they get into the body. Moreover, the steroids are available in soluble forms and can be used as inhalers to work the best.

Since they directly reach the lungs and start reducing the swollen lungs and this eventually provides a great release to the airways as well.

People buy Anavar UK and this is also considered as one of the best oral steroids given to cure asthma along with that oral Dianabol UK is also a good remedy for the same purpose of treating asthma.


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