Take Your Pick: Types Of Kitchen Hoods

In every kitchen, there are rush hours and times when it is quiet and peaceful. Like the ebb and flow of time, our cooking spaces also witness a high as well as a still and serene low. On one hand, everyone enjoys an uncomplicated kitchen-time, when you can just relax, put on some music and groove to it while cooking- it is not necessary that you will be lucky enough to have a pleasant cooking experience all the time in your kitchen.

Sometimes, there is a lot of smoke involved, maybe strong smells too, that might become too overpowering for the house. It is important to have good ventilation systems in place that can handle that. Kitchen ventilation systems are usually uncomplicated and either throw the stale air out of the house, or out of the kitchen itself. Kitchen hoods are a stylish and sustainable way of masking these ventilation ducts so that your space looks modern and well put-together.

Kitchen hoods come in various types and styles. We will discuss some of them as below.

  1. Wall Mount Range Hood

A wall mount range hood is probably the most effective in sucking out the grease, dirt, humidity and heat from your kitchen while you’re cooking. It comes in both ductless and ducted options, even though a ductless wall mount range hood is not as efficient as the ducted one.

The installation is a bit lengthier and technical, but in terms of the quality of job done, a wall mount range hood is the best in class. Biggest brands like Bosch and Samsung have superior models in this category.

  1. Under Cabinet Hood

An under cabinet range hood is exactly what it sounds like. It fits under the cabinets over your cooktop and is most effective in smaller kitchens. Under cabinet hood can be ducted or ductless, depending on the space available in your kitchen. It is efficient in sucking out the first and smoke from your immediate cooktop surroundings.

  1. Downdraft Range Hood

A downdraft range hood has limited efficiency in removing pollutants from the kitchen. It is inherently designed in a manner that it cannot suck up the smoke, steam and heat- but instead, works downwards. The cook-tops that are furthest remain out of reach generally, but this design is most efficient in open kitchens and cathedral style ceilings.

  1. Custom Hood Panel

Customized range hoods for kitchen are specifically designed keeping your space and other considerations in mind. Mostly, custom range hoods serve a specific purpose which otherwise would not have been served by the pre-designed ones.

Kitchen hoods not only make your home space look beautiful, but they also save your walls and cabinets from the effects of smoke and chemicals. A few years down the line, a kitchen hood investment saves you a lot of money at paint jobs and finishing.

If you plan to sell your home, kitchen hoods add value to your real estate and work as an added bonus. Badboy has a huge selection of various kinds of kitchen hoods in different colours, styles and finishes (stainless steel, black, grey and even slate) to match your home aesthetics.

While choosing one for your home, take into account your home-style and build, spacing available for the installation, cleaning and maintenance options and the extent of usage.


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