What is Massage Therapy? What are its Types and Benefits?

Massage therapy comes in a variety of forms. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are two of the more well-known treatments, but a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) can do many other types of massage, each with its own set of advantages. Finding the best massage therapy in Calgary is no big deal.

Types of massages

Swedish massage

Swedish massages are the most popular types of massage therapy. The therapist can loosen stiff muscles and make clients feel more relaxed by applying pressure and friction. A Swedish massage’s main purpose is to calm the entire body. Long strokes that return blood to the heart are used to accomplish this. It offers complete relaxation and overall physical well-being to the person. Following are the benefits of the Swedish massage;

– Decreases muscle toxins.

– Reduces the level of the stress hormone referred to as cortisol, which enhances sugar in the bloodstream.

– Increases the level of oxygen in the blood.

– Better flexibility and circulation.

– Eases muscle tension.

– Increases the number of lymphocytes, which are WBC (white blood cells), that can boost the immune system.

Deep tissue massage

The massage therapist employs finger pressure and stroking of deep layers to massage tissue areas where muscles are tight and knotted in deep tissue massages. Deep tissue massages are popular because they relieve chronic aches and pains in the neck, upper back, lower back, legs, and shoulders. A person who visits the massage therapist to receive deep tissue massage will get the following benefits;

– Improves postural problems.

– Alleviates osteoarthritis pain.

– Reducing the inflammation of the muscles.

– Improves circulation and limited range of motion.

– Breaks down the scar tissue and eliminates adhesions and knots.

– Pain relief to strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

– Better recovery from falls and whiplash.

Sports massage

This style of massage is created exclusively for athletes. Athletes frequently seek treatment from a professional massage therapist specializing in sports massage therapy to relieve pain produced by a repetitive motion linked with their chosen activity. Consider how many times a tennis player swings their racquet: the repetitive motion will start to wear on the player’s shoulder after a while. Active sports players or athletes might require sports massage as it can provide the following benefits;

– Reduces the muscle and joint pain caused by athletic activity.

– Enhances the overall performance.

– Helps you prevent sports-related injuries in the future.

– Promulgates tissue repair and muscle balance.

– Improves flexibility and range of motion.

– Speed up the recovery process post-injury.

When a person is in pain and needs relief, it can be difficult to know which service is best. This is especially true for most athletes, who require adequate treatment and care in order to perform to their full potential while avoiding future injury. There are many parallels between physiotherapy and massage therapy, but there are also significant variances. Find the best massage therapist in your town to receive sports massage.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic drainage is also commonly known as lymphatic massage. The massage therapist will deploy the slow and circular motion and pressure to move the lymph fluid throughout the lymphatic system. It can be useful to decrease lymphedema. It is the condition in which swelling happens when the lymph fluid cannot flow normally. Which results in the build-up of fluid. A person usually seeks lymphatic massage as it offers the following benefits;

– Better circulation of lymph fluid relieves the pain.

– Reduces the pain and swelling.

– Drains lymph fluid gathered after breast cancer surgery.

Oncology massage.

It is used by people who have been going through cancer treatments. The oncology treatment therapist might employ one type of massage or conjoin various methods. The treatment plan can go well in tandem with deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and lymphatic massage. To make the patient feel relaxed is the primary goal of the oncology massage.

That’s why the therapist will frequently change the massage techniques and methods based on the patient’s requirements. The oncology massages are available in the physiotherapy clinic in Calgary that work as a complementary treatment for cancer patients. It can deliver the following benefits;

– Relieves the physical pain experienced by cancer patients.

– Relaxing the patients both emotionally and physically.

Hot stone massage.

It involves the use of heated basalt stones. Basalt is a volcanic rock that contains high iron content. It can also preserve the heat well. A massage therapist will heat the stones before placing them on the body. Hot stone massage can offer warmth to the muscles of the body. It can treat muscle injuries, relaxes muscles, and increases the blood flow of the area.

Once you find the right one, book your appointment online to grab your seat.

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