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Every day 30 – 40 cases of ED get officially registered. The cause of impotence remains the same, but what we do in our daily life highly influences our sexual life. Lifestyle changes are not enough to attain firm erections. You require proper guidance and medical help.

Reasons why your Erectile Health is not improving


It can turn your erections upside down. Recent studies show that alcohol is responsible for reducing the level of testosterone. It also messes up with the messengers in our brain that are responsible for steady blood flow in the penis.

Being embarrassed about having Erectile dysfunction 

Embarrassment is taking you nowhere but might push you into an operation theatre once. You may be facing impotence because you have underlying health problems. The problem needs to be detected. There are high chances this will become fatal.


We don’t mean to say having self-pleasure is not good. However, how do you do that? How often do you masturbate matters? When you masturbate, the way you feel affects the masturbation process. If you are masturbating more frequently, this will turn into a habit and you might face desensitized penis. You also tend to have fast climaxes. That can cause dissatisfaction with your partner.

You should not let your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels go high

We are a generation excited to have parties, alcohol, and food. All that junk is increasing cholesterol levels. High cholesterol adds to high blood pressure. Further, it might turn into atherosclerosis or low blood flow in the penis.

You are sleeping while others are sweating out.

Please don’t think you are lazy. You are not ready to take charge of your health in your hands. It is a proven fact when you exercise, your blood circulation in your body increases, helping the blood flow in the penis increase.

Taking care of Health

Cenforce 150 is to help your body not to cure your disease completely. Always remember this is a lifestyle disorder you have to put your efforts into to improve your health. Have a regular full-body scan every two months. It is vital to know how you are coping up with the target cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

You are not taking a proper diet.

We agree that food is the problem, but it is your cure, and you cannot neglect that. Have an adequate amount of food. How can you find what is boon, or bane to eat? Book an appointment with a dietitian and learn about your daily intake. The dietician must understand your portion size, cravings. The diet plan prepared should have taste and health benefits.

You keep hiding about your Erectile condition with your partner.

Playing hide and seek with your partner looks sensual in the bedsheets, not in real life. It is evident when men are unable to have firm erections. They start feeling bad about themselves. It causes many behavioral changes at once. Girls do care about sexual life but not more than emotional connection with their partners. The way your behavior will change upside down. It will not only stress you, but your partner will be feeling the stress too.

You are not focusing on losing weight.

Do not think that Erectile dysfunction has anything to do with weight. That is so not true. Erectile dysfunction has everything to do with weight and it can make your health worst. Obesity can damage your blood vessels. It increases cholesterol level, decreases the level of testosterone. It worsens your sperm count, making you infertile. The cherry on the top is hypertriglyceridemia and inflammation all over your body.

You haven’t tried these medications out.

Try approved medicines by the Food Drug Administration. These drugs are the best derivatives of viagra. FDA never approves any drug without having proper research on side-effects, mechanism of drug, pharmacology, and pharmacokinetics of drugs, and site of action of drugs. Cenforce 200 And Cenforce 100 drugs are highly suggested by doctors as well. Grab your medication from Cenforcepills.

Final words

Erectile Dysfunction is not a monster you have to hide from. If your health is not improving it is probably you. Above are a few summed-up reasons where your health might be falling off track. Alcohol, food, lazy mornings everything can wait until your target cause is identified and cured. Erectile dysfunction might be creating stress about your sexual performance. Thus, if you look through the broad eye. You would see how borderline your health can be. These words are not sacred to you. A son, husband, and father who is always an upright present for his family, or just a man with health issues. What would you like, health or suffering?

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