9 Grand Opening Ideas For Your Cafe

We understand that opening a café is itself a hectic job. Organizing an opening event can be a big project with all the planning, organizing, invitations and many more. In this writing, we have listed some grand opening ideas for your café which will help you throw a memorable opening event. 

Invite Your Friends And Family To Visit First

Your job in the early days of your cafe is to try out the systems, recipes, operations, and personnel. Before you open up, you have to find and rectify your flaws, which you may do with rounds of dinners with family and friends.

The first time you run a service, it should be for a tiny number of your closest family and friends who will not share any of your hiccups online. These visits are completely free, with only one seating and a restricted menu, and each visitor has mutually decided that they are test subjects and are there to help your café grow.

Are you getting Acrylic Chairs for the waiting area? Ask your family and friends if it matches the vibe of the space. It will brighten up the space and make your guests comfortable when they are waiting. The Keekea cafe chair design is a great choice for you to choose from. 

Invite Influencers 

Invite Influencers

Influencers such as YouTubers, Instagrammers, and food bloggers are just a few keystrokes away, thanks to the internet. You name it: singers, athletes, actresses, and stars.

 Even if your budget is checked, you can still create an impact on local lawmakers, radio personalities, and sports franchises. You can reach out to their audience with a single Instagram post, YouTube video, or blog article if you partner with local food critics or vloggers who have large followings.

 Once you’ve secured your influencer’s attendance, find out how to get the most out of it. Make a red carpet and invite the press to come to take pictures with you. Set up a branded backdrop with your logo so that others may picture the influencer (s). 

Support Any Charitable Event

Hosting a few parties or fundraisers for local charities is the next element in your opening celebration strategy. Most groups have large lists of people who donate money, and you may tap into that list by providing your restaurant as a site for a charity fundraiser.

You must do this because you wish to help a charity, not merely for the exposure, but the mainstream press and word-of-mouth marketing will pay off generously if done correctly.

Demonstrate Vendor Appreciation

Most restaurant owners seem to ignore the fact that most people that helped you develop your business also live in your area that could become your main customers. 

First and foremost, treat them well while you’re building or renovating, and then throw them a celebration where they can bring their relatives and show off their hard work. The vendors and builders should always be your first core group of customers in all of my undertakings. 

Throw A Fabulous Party

It’s not a bad idea to offer bottomless mimosas and hang a few streamers. However, if you want to leave a great impression with a grand opening, you’ll need to think outside the box. Determine what your customers would really like to do or see if they took some time out of their day to come to see you. 

Consider adding some musical acts to your edgy cafe with unique items all over the walls if you’re looking to entice a younger population. Invite a miniature carnival to set up for the weekend if your parking lot is big enough. 

Give Something Worthy Away

Worthy Away

This may usually seem a no-brainer, but many businesses get it incorrect. Prizes can be disappointing at times — giving away an iPhone that everyone already has won’t be enough to attract an audience.

If you’re an Italian restaurant, make sure the prize you’re going to give away is big and exciting, like an all-expenses-paid trip to Italy or getting a new convertible. Consider partnering with another local business to share the expense and exposure if this plan seems too ambitious or out of range. They’re probably seeking new ways to get in front of customers as well, and they’d be happy to cooperate.

Give Out Free Food Or Gift Certificates

Free food is always a hit because everyone has to eat. Some cafes have an immensely successful tradition of giving the first 100 customers at each new place a year’s worth of free food. Some cafes offer their first 100 customers 50% off on all their meals for the next month. 

You don’t really require to go that far, but even a month’s worth of free food can get folks talking. You might also consider providing a “comeback bonus,” such as a voucher good for the following month so that customers don’t just come for the opening but stay for the rest of the month.

Offer A Bounce Back

Bounce back deals are usually in the form of a fresh Goli coupon that is valid for a few weeks after the initial offer expires.

Offer an It’s an excellent idea to throw out “Bounce Back” offers to everyone participating from the start of your series of events – suppliers, friends and family, celebrities, foundation attendees, opening day guests, and so on.

Bounce back deals are usually in the form of a fresh coupon that is valid for a few weeks after the initial offer expires.

The idea is to re-invite these people as soon as feasible. A person’s connection to your restaurant, it’s fantastic food, and excellent service takes many visits, so the earlier you can get them back, the sooner you can turn them into regulars.

Open On A Holiday

If there’s mainly one thing you can depend on during the holidays, it’s that people will go out to eat. Set yourself up for success by beginning at the proper moment:

  • Valentine’s day: Advertise fancy dinners with complimentary homemade desserts and candles to bring home on Valentine’s Day.
  • Halloween: Organize a costume party and arrange a prize giveaway.
  • Thanksgiving: Provide a free lunch to those in need for every meal your customers purchase. 

Bottom Line

A grand opening of your café is highly necessary to tell your audience that you guys are open and in business. Choose from an idea given above, make lists, invite people and make your opening ceremony a big deal.

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Murtaza Ali is a digital marketing expert and creative content writer with skills in online writing, blogging, and social media marketing. He likes to share his knowledge with readers in an inspiring and motivational way.

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