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Health Benefits Of Sesame Oil

Obtained from sesame seeds, sesame oil is an edible oil that is used for cooking in various cuisines of the world and besides that, sesame oil is also used as a flavor enhancer and is one of the earliest known edible oils obtained from a crop. It is used in cuisine as it has a very nutty aroma that stands out and also a distinct taste. Mass modern production, worldwide, is currently limited due to the inefficient manual harvesting process that is needed to extract the oil. There are also various health benefits of sesame oil and this has resulted in various uses of sesame oil.

Nutritive analysis of sesame

Sesame oil does not contain many nutrients compared to other oil and according to research, it contains only one essential nutrient in a significant percentage, which is Vitamin K. Vitamin k  is providing 17% of the Daily Value per 100 grams (ml) consumed supplying an amount of 884 calories (table). When it comes to fats, sesame oil is approximately equal in amount, of monounsaturated fat (oleic acid, 40% of the total amount) and polyunsaturated fat (linoleic acid, 42% of total amount), combining to account for 80% of the total fat content. The residual oil content is predominantly palmitic acid, a saturated fat (about 9% of total percentage).

The best-known health benefits of sesame oil

Let us take a close look at the health benefits of sesame oil.

  1. Sesame oil is high in antioxidants. Sesame oil is rich in two antioxidants, sesaminol, and sesamol which are known to have a lot of health benefits. Sesaminol and sesamol help to reduce damage caused to cells by free radicals are, thus, beneficial for cell growth and repair. Thus, sesame oils may help with preventing or delaying cell damage and thus help with cell regeneration and growth.
  2. Sesame oil has very strong anti-inflammatory properties, meaning, it can prevent chronic inflammation, and thus, helps to prevent serious harm. Various ancient medicines have used sesame oil to reduce inflammation, as it has proven to reduce the effect of known inflammatory markers such as the production of nitric oxide.
  3. Sesame oil is also known to be beneficial for cardiac muscles as it comprises 82% of unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for the heart. Sesame oil is known to be Rick in polyunsaturated fat, especially Omega 6-fatty acids that is a quintessential part of our diet and helps to prevent various diseases of the heart.
  4. Research shows that sesame oil helps to keep blood sugar levels in check as it supports healthy blood sugar regulation. It helps to reduce fasting blood sugar levels and hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c). Thus, it might greatly help those suffering from abnormal levels of blood sugar by keeping the levels in check.
  5. Sesame oil may prove to be highly beneficial for arthritis patients as it is beneficial in studies conducted on rats. The rats experienced reduced markers of arthritic symptoms and oxidative stress such as joint pain. However, more research needs to be conducted on human beings, regarding the benefits of sesame oil, when it comes to treating arthritis.
  6. Sesame oil is known to be great for the skin as it has various antibacterial properties and also various anti-inflammatory properties. It is used in beauty treatments as it is known to be a good moisturizer, promotes regeneration of healthy skin, has anti-aging properties, and is considered to be a natural SPF.
  7. Sesame oil has proven to be quite effective against stress and depression as it contains an amino acid tyrosine which is directly connected to serotonin activity levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is known to directly affect our mood and thus, it helps to fight depression by keeping serotonin levels in balance.

Uses of sesame oil

There are various uses of sesame oil as it is known to have a nutty flavor and distinct aroma. It is used in cooking, in various cuisines of the world, and also in other fields such as, as mouthwash, for skincare treatments, cure depression, treat arthritis, and so on.

Where can you buy sesame oil?

Sesame can be brought offline from various supermarkets and grocery stores and it can also be brought online from various dependable online stores, such as Healthy Buddha, which are an all-in-one store with all their products priced correctly. From Healthy Buddha, you can also buy organic jaggery powder online and if you want, you can also buy organic cold-pressed sesame oil.

Summing up

Thus, there are various health benefits of sesame oil which, in turn, has resulted in various uses of sesame oil, and thus, you can switch the current oil you are using to sesame oil. And don’t worry, because you can buy organic cold pressed sesame oil at the right prices from Healthy Buddha, who are completely dedicated to giving their clients top-quality products.

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