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Do I need an eTA for my trip to Canada?

You must apply for an eTA if you are traveling to Canada by plane for vacation, business trip, visiting friends or family, or transferring to another country. Minor children must also have their own eTA. You don’t need to apply for an eTA if you have a Canadian or US visa or passport. Also, this is not necessary if you are arriving by train, car, bus or cruise ship.

Wilt u langer dan zes maanden in Canada blijven? Or, you do not meet the conditions of the eTA Canada? You must then apply for a visa . This procedure is more complicated and more expensive than applying for an eTA. An eTA is also granted more quickly, on average after 3 days and in an emergency after 18 minutes.

What is an eTA Canada?

The abbreviation AVE stands for “electronic travel auhorization”. An electronic authorization to travel to Canada is not a physical document, but an electronic authorization to travel to Canada without a visa. Each application is reviewed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You are not considered a security risk? If so, your request will be approved. When checking in, your airline will verify that you have a valid eTA based on your passport number. This way, unwanted people can be kept away and air traffic remains safe.

You can easily apply for Canada Visa Application Online from here.

Conditions and validity period of the Canada eTA

You will find an overview of all the rules on the general conditions page for the eTA Canada . In addition, there are certain restrictions for people who want to work or study in Canada. The Canada eTA application is only allowed if you meet these conditions:

  • You are a national of a European country, such as France or Belgium, or of one of these other countries
  • You are traveling to Canada for vacation, study, business or transit
  • You are not entering into a working relationship with a Canadian organization
  • You do not represent a risk to public health or safety
  • You comply with the rules for preventing coronavirus in Canada
  • You have not committed a crime or violated any immigration or visa law
  • Upon your arrival, you convince the CBSA that you and your family members meet all the requirements


Your eTA Canada is valid for a maximum of five years.

The validity period starts from the time your request is approved. Validity expires earlier if the passport you used to apply for your eTA expires. Are you going to use a new passport? You must then also apply for a new eTA. Your eTA should only be valid upon check-in and during your arrival in Canada. Your passport must also be valid for the duration of your stay in Canada.

Each stay must be less than six months.

You can travel to Canada an unlimited number of times during the validity period of the eTA. Each stay cannot exceed six consecutive months.

The eTA Canada request

It is best to request an eTA before booking your trip to Canada. You may not yet know your arrival date. The eTA Canada application can be made using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Just open the Canada visa Online Application form for the eTA . You can complete this form yourself, but also for another traveler or for a whole group of travelers at the same time. Make sure you have the passport of each traveler for whom you want to apply for an eTA on hand. The form contains a clear explanation of each field to be completed and takes approximately ten minutes to complete.

After completing the application form, you pay the eTA fee , which amounts to € 19.95 per person. You can do this easily and securely with Credit Card, Visa Card, Mastercard and PayPal. The average delivery time for the Canada eTA is three days. If you want to get to Canada in a very short time, it is advisable to submit an urgent request. There is an additional charge of € 17.50 per person. The average delivery time is 18 minutes. This includes weekends, holidays and night hours. Please note that sometimes requests are processed longer than the average delivery time, for example due to the possibility of random checking.

As soon as your request has been approved, you will be notified by text and email. From then on, you can immediately check in for your flight to Canada. It is not necessary to print your eTA. Do you still have questions? Please go to the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers page.

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