Tips And Tricks to Stay Active

Working out at home in this pandemic can be difficult and challenging but it’s still important to keep moving around. The more we lay around, the unhealthier we become as we sit in one place doing work online most of the time. Then what are some ways to stay healthy?

Home workouts

There are things you can still do at home. Whether that’s doing a few stretches in between work, going up and down some stairs, or even just trying out home workouts, there is always something you can do. It’s just a matter of, are you willing to do it?

You can try a home workout. There are many online YouTube videos for people at all levels whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate. You can improve your core, strength, balance, and increase your power through a few simple but consistent exercises.

You can try yoga or Pilates. Pilates is an exercise inspired by yoga and many others, but it improves your flexibility and balances a lot. Yoga is a bit different as it focuses on breathing and controlling your body and mind to better your health. YouTube tutorials are available. But if you’re more serious about starting or maintaining a session, you can book online Pilates classes or even yoga classes.

Other things you can do around the house include gardening (it’s always a good way to relax and be one with nature but it moves your body extensively without you even realizing it), or even just doing chores around the house such as mopping, cleaning, washing your car, etc. You can even just dance or jump to some hype music which would count as some good cardio.

Other ways to exercise

If you’re allowed to go outside, take the chance but do so safely. You can go biking or on a bicycle ride around the neighborhood if it’s allowed. Bicycling is a great exercise but it’s also fun to go on your own little adventure and have a look outside while time passes. Other sports such as swimming or going out on runs are great ways to keep your body active and healthy.

But if you are someone that gets bored with running, maybe you’re a team player instead? If allowed, gather a friend or two, play some games. You can play sports such as basketball in small pairs or threes or badminton. Or if not sports, you can just create your own game.

No matter the age, playing outside with friends is good fun and it gets you out and about and moving without you really thinking about it. And before you know it, you’re heaving and sweating and searching for that bottle of water.

These are only a few ways to stay active, but of course, be creative. Find other ways to keep yourselves, your family members, or friends active too. Play truth or dare, or sports, or have a dance battle at home or see who can hold a yoga pose the longest, it’s up to you. But keep moving, it’ll go a long way.

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