What are the Best Books to Prepare for KSET?

Want to become a part of the teaching faculty of colleges or universities in Karnataka? The University of Mysore administrates the Karnataka State Eligibility test every year, which is a state-level exam. The candidates who will clear the KSET exam can be the Lecturer or Assistant Professor of the reputed universities, institutions, or colleges of Karnataka. This examination consists of two papers, paper1 and paper2.

Paper1 consists of 50 MCQ questions and questions are asked from teaching and research, whereas, paper 2 consists of 100 questions. These questions are asked from the subjects selected by the candidates. Both the paper contains 2 marks for the correct answer. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers. The duration of this exam is 3 hours long.

KSET examination focuses on subjects like commerce, Kannada, history, economics, Urdu, Hindi, sociology, education, mass communication and journalism, tourism administration, geography, etc. Among all of these subjects, the candidates have to choose one for the exam. Thus, to prepare for the same, we have shared the best books for the KSET exam to enable you to grab best marks.

Best books to prepare for the KSET exam

Consulting some good books are very important when preparing for the competitive examinations. Here are some of the best books for life science that you can consult.

  • For Paper 1 

Subject: – General paper

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET/SET General Paper 1
  2. UGC NET/JRF/SLET General Paper 1 Teaching and Research Aptitude by Arihant Expert
  3. General Knowledge (Lucent): Manvendra Mukul Dr. Binya Karna, Sanjiv Kumar
  4. General Knowledge (Arihant): Manohar Pandey
  • For Paper 2

Subject: -For Commerce:

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Commerce by Praveen Kataria, Anshu Kataria, and M. Shivani
  2. Corporate Accounting (Naseem Ahmed)
  3. Accounting Standards (D. S. Rawat)
  4. Indian Financial System (M. Y. Khan)

Subject: – For Kannada:

  1. Samagra Kannada Sahitya Kaipidi by Lokesha Masavanaghatta
  2. Linguistic History of Kannada Language (M.H. Krishnaiah)
  3. Kannada Bhasha Shastra (R. Y. Dharwadkar)
  4. Vikram arjuna Vijaya of Pampa

Subject: – Economics

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Economics by Srinivas Shirur
  2. UGC NET/JRF/SET Economics Paper 2 by Gopal Garg
  3. Indian Economy (Ramesh Singh)
  4. Economic Growth and Development (Mayer and Baldwin)
  5. UGC NET/JRF/SET Economics (Paper-II) -Upkar Prakashan (Author-Gopal Garg)

Subject: English

  1. UGC NET/SET English Literature by Arihant Experts
  2. Introduction to English Literature by W. H Hudson
  3. The Routledge History of Literature in English

Subject: Political Science

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Political Science by K A Babu and Sajit Kumar
  2. UGC NET Political Science by Rukmini Bhattacharjee
  3. An Introduction to Constitution (D. D. Basu)
  4. An Introduction to Political Theory (O.P. Gauba)

Subject: History 

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET History by Promod Singh
  2. India since Independence by Bipan Chandra

Subject: Sociology

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Sociology by S. Hussain
  2. Sociology Themes and Perspectives (Michael Haralambos & Martin Holborn)
  3. Social Problems In India (Ram Ahuja)

Subject: Geography

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Geography by A. Magon and B.P. Panigrahi
  2. Human Geography (Majid Hussain)
  3. Geographical Thoughts (Dixit)

Subject: Hindi 

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Hindi Sahitya
  2. Hindi Bhasha Ki Parampara Aur Vikas (Dr. Ramprakash)
  3. Hindi Sahitya Ka Sankshipt Itihas (Dr. Vishwanath Tripathi)
  4. Hindi bhasha evam sahitya ka vastunishth itihas by Saraswati Pandey, Govind Pandey

Subject: Management:

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Management by M Shivani
  2. UGC NET/SET Management by Mohit Aggarwal

Subject: Sanskrit

  1. UGC NET/JRF/SLET Sanskrit Prashan-Patra by Priyanka Tiwari
  2. Sanskrit Sahitya ka Itihaas (Umashankar Sharma “Rishi”)
  3. Sanskrit Kavi Darshan (Bhola Shankar Vyas)

Subject: Music

  1. UGC NET Music by Gunjan Saxena and Nisha Rawa

Subject: Folk Literature

  1. Folk Literature: A Concise Guide for NET/JRF by Marya Naim

Subject: Women Studies

  1. Advanced Manual for Women Studies by Anmol Murlidhar Nimsadkar

Subject: Urdu

  1. UGC NET/JRF Urdu by M. Arshad Ansari and M S Ansari

Subject: Education

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Education by Gagan Manocha

Subject: Linguistics

  1. UGC NET/SET Linguistics by Ringu Ann Baby

Subject: Mass Communication & Journalism

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Mass Communication and Journalism by Sameer K Mishra
  2. Communication and Journalism by Atul Udaipuria and Nitesh Kumar Singh
  3. UGC NET Mass Communication and Journalism by Atul Udaipuria and Nitesh Kumar Singh

Subject: Philosophy

  1. UGC NET Philosophy by Mohan Lal
  2. History of Philosophy (Frank Thilly)
  3. Survey of Indian Philosophy (C. D. Sharma)
  4. Existentialism: A Reconstruction (David Cooper)

Subject: Social Work

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Education by Yogendra Pal

Subject: Physical Education

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Physical Education by Akhilesh Tripathi and A.K. Srivastava

Subject: Tourism Administration

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Tourism by Akhilesh

Subject: Psychology

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Psychology by Dr. Swati Maharshi
  2. Psychology Class XI & XII (NCERT)
  3. Introduction to Psychology (Morgan & King)
  4. UGC Net Psychology 2018 by Siddharth Mittal and Saroj Kumar Sahu

Subject: Criminology 

  1. Criminology solved question paper by Nitish Kumar Soni, Dr. Mridul Srivastava, and Dr. Anup Yadava

Subject: Law

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET by Suman Chauhan

Subject: Public Administration

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Public Administration by Sajit Kumar

Subject: Environmental Science

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Environmental Science by Anil Tyagi and Virendra Singh

Subject: Home Science

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Home Science by Anju Khosla
  2. Home Science (Surjeet Publications)

Subject: Computer Science & Applications

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET/SET Computer Science & Application by Sanjay Singhal and Sameer Mishra

Subject: Electronic Science

  1. UGC NET/SET Electronic Science by Sunil Kushwaha

Subject: Archaeology

  1. UGC NET Archaeology by Mohan Lal

Subject: Visual Arts

  1. UGC NET Visual Arts by M Vashem

Subject: Anthropology

  1.  Trueman’s UGC NET Anthropology by A.M. Tripathi
  2. An Introduction to Social Anthropology by D.N. Majumdar & T. N. Madan
  3. Indian Anthropology by Nadeem Hasnain

Subject: Botany

  1. Cell Biology (De Robertis & Ambrose and Easy or Powar)
  2. Genetics (Strickberger or Vir Bala Rastogi)
  3. Physiology and Biochemistry (Salisbury and Ross or Fritz and Noggle)
  4. Ecology (Vir Bala Rastogi and M.S. Jayaraj and P.D. Singh)

These are some books of KSET, which will help you qualify for the exam. However, you can also study online with expert guidance at BYJU’s Exam Prep. Go through each book and select them accordingly. Work hard and practice mock tests regularly so that you can crack the exam.

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