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There are some situations in life where you are stuck and unable to decide what you want to do further in life. It seems that you have the energy to take the next steps in your life but you may not know what direction they are in. Maybe you are looking for a purpose, a passion that makes you feel alive. You are ready to take action to change something, but you don’t know which direction to go. These steps help you figure out and decide what to do next when you get stuck. Read the clear steps to help you find a way to a meaningful life.

Ask Yourself Questions

When you are exhausted, you often do not know what you need to change. Perhaps you have a well-paid job, a loving family, and a supportive partner. Your life looks good on paper, you still feel unfulfilled. You go through each moment in life but something is missing. In some cases, the changes may seem too overwhelming. There are a lot of problems and you feel like you are always extinguishing the fire. If nothing goes wrong, you may be frozen and afraid to take the next step. It can be confusing to determine exactly where you are and where you want to be, wherever you are.

To clearly understand how to build a meaningful life, the first thing you need to do is clarify exactly what needs to be changed. What is your life liketoday? Ask yourself some difficult questions to find out where you are now, what is working and what needs to be changed.

Are You Where You Wanted to Be as a Child?

The slate is blank in the mind of a child. They act on the purest instincts, without external conditioning. Children do not seem to be afraid to express themselves by playing, laughing and dancing. They are genuine and playfully show that they are learning to enjoy life. Every day they look forward to situations that are fun and joyful.

Sometimes close your eyes. Think of your childhood. Are you where you wanted to be 10 years before? Are these the activities that your younger self would like? What lens do you see the world from? Think of all the circumstances in life that influenced your life to be what it is today. Would you want to experience something when you were younger that you wish you had learned then?

Identify What Is Your Present

Where do you stand in life right now? There may be a lot of things in life that are going as planned and there may be parts of your life that will need your attention. You have to be very honest with yourself when thinking about these things. Then make a list of the things that make you happy and fulfilled.

These things will include your daily habits like sleeping cycle, healthy eating, and working out. It will also make you wonder about your relationships with people whether they are healthy or toxic. Career is another important part of life. Are you happy with your career and job? Do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Find your passion

Apart from having your essential needs met a good life also involves happiness and fulfillment. This can come from having inspiration. We all have the need to feel inspired by someone or something. The hobbies we have, the people we socialize with and work we do has a strong association with inspiration.

It often gets difficult to find out your passion in life for that you may want to ask yourself questions regarding your dream job, any interesting activities and adventures you want to pursue in life, and what would you like to do with the money you earn.

Help others

Happiness does not always come with a big house, a big car, and a good job. There is much more to real happiness than the materialistic things in the world. Happiness is often related to making others happy and helping them out. Many studies have shown that happiness comes from helping others out. It does not necessarily have to be financial help but it could be as simple as lending them an ear to listen when they are sad, giving advice when they need it.

Identify your fears

Sometimes what you want to do in life is often another way of saying that you are afraid of the other options available. Fear is a natural emotion and every person experiences it in their life. It helps us stay away from dangerous situations and limits our thinking. This can begin at a very young age.

These fears can be because of many factors that may have affected you in childhood, the way we were raised, and the values we were raised with. Sometimes these things create fear in us and prevent us from living out of our comfort zone. You will have to understand the difference between rational fears and limiting beliefs.

Final thoughts

It can be overwhelming sometimes to deal with a lot of emotions at one time. It is okay to sometimes feel lost and not know about the direction you want to move in. It is better to take one day at a time in this case scenario. This article has a few tips on how to deal with negative circumstances and figure out life. There is nothing wrong with taking help from technology to have some time for yourself. Smart technology like Google Assistant Voice has taken over mundane tasks so we can prioritize time for ourselves.


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