5 Ways to Grow Cannabis in Hydroponics

If you’ve decided to start a cannabis business, there are many aspects you need to think about, from incorporating your company to finding the right accountant all the way to developing an interesting marketing strategy. However, another important factor you cannot overlook is having a quality product. While you can look for a cannabis supplier, you can also grow your own. In case you’re completely new to this field, you might not know where to begin. One approach you can try is growing marijuana traditionally but if you want higher yields and a shorter grow time, growing hydroponically is the better alternative. Here are five ways how you can grow cannabis in hydroponics.


When it comes to hydroponics, cannabis is not the only plant you can grow this way. Perhaps you’ve already tried this method for some of your herbs and indoor plants. If you have some experience, you might have already used the RSS system as it is the most commonly used. The setup for RSS is quite straightforward – you want to connect several flowerpots through a pipe and drainage system and a drain on the bottom. You will also need a tank and water pump that will feed your plants water and nutrients a couple of times a day, for which you will need a timer. For this system to be effective, you have to make sure your pump is working properly and have a replacement one if the one you’re using malfunctions. This system is very simple and great for beginners but you want to keep an eye on the roots as they can clog up the drain hole.

DWC – Deep Water Culture

Another system you can try is DWC – deep water culture. Here, plants are grown in a container that is placed over a tank and the roots are suspended in the air. The containers where the plants are should be full of clay balls, in order to keep them in place as well as act as a substrate. The bottom of the container should be made of mesh for the roots to be able to go through it but the holes shouldn’t be so big so that the clay balls can fall through. As the water and the nutrients are placed in the lower tank, the roots will seek them out through the mesh. You will also need an air pump to ensure the water is oxygenated, which also means you will not have to change the water for a week or so. However, you need to pay attention to the roots to notice any rot on time.

NFT – Nutrient Film Technique

The NFT system is similar to DWC but it is used for clones and not for larger plants. As the deep water culture system can be too big for clones, the nutrient film technique is recommended if you plan to work with clones. Seeing as how each approach has its benefits, finding the right cannabis hydroponic system is vital. Here, you will have an inclined surface where you will place your plants. The water will be pumped at the top end and slowly go back into the water tank at the bottom. This way, the roots of the plants will be dipping into the water as it goes down, thus getting the necessary nutrients. NFT should produce high yields in a short time. While it is easy to clean and reuse, remember to control the water levels as sometimes roots can block the flow and end up rotting.

Ebb & Flow

The ebb and flow system is also similar to DWC but it doesn’t allow the roots to sit in water. Instead, it floods them with water for a few seconds before the container is emptied. This process is repeated several times each day. You will need a table with mesh pots for the plants and a tank and water pump underneath. The timer will tell the system when to wet the plants and when to retreat. While this might seem simple, it’s used by the most experienced of growers as it can easily result in root rot.



Finally, a variation on hydroponics you can try is aeroponics. Also good for growing clones, this approach entails using a tray with holes that contain neoprene discs. You will place a plant in each disc and have the roots on the underside. This tray will be placed over a water tank that has a sprinkler system which will keep the roots humid. It’s important to not let the roots block the sprayers as then the plant will be without water and nutrients.

If you’re thinking about growing cannabis, keep these five hydroponics methods in mind for a great yield.


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