Everything You Need to Know About CBN

CBN stands for cannabinol, another chemical found in hemp and cannabis plants. Yet, you should not confuse it with CBG oil (Cannabigerol) or CBD (cannabidiol). As previously mentioned, CBN oil also does not cause a high associated with cannabis. Still, the product shows promises similar to other benefits found in CBD and CBG.


Yes, it is hard to keep track of the different compounds, as the acronyms are similar. Still, there are differences in cannabinol. There is little to know compared to CBD and still in the infancy stage. Even finding cannabinol oil is complicated. However, one thing is sure it is one miracle aid for sleeping.

The manufacturers that sell the products provide CBN for sleep as it works as a sedative. Nevertheless, the scientific research to back the statement is little. The only study was published in 1975 using five subjects taking CBN with THC.

The reason why people connect it with sleeping is that it is one of the oldest cannabis flowers. When tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is exposed to air for a long time, it turns to CBN. While some research advises that the more cannabis age, it makes you tired.

CBN Effects

While some studies of CBN look promising, there is no definite provision for the benefits.

  •   It might help you relieve pain as in a study on rats in 2019 for treating fibromyalgia.
  •   There is a strong possibility it arouses your appetite. For example, a rodent study stated that the rats started to eat more.
  •   Further, there is a possibility that it is neuroprotective, as per a study dating back to 2005.
  •   Another study showed that CBN might also have antibacterial properties studying its effects on the MSRA bacteria.
  •   Lastly, it could help reduce inflammation in a study dating back to 2016 on rodents.

Still, when used with other medications, it can interact with them if it has a grapefruit warning but not sure if it applies to CBN products. Thus, before taking any of these medications talk to your doctor first:

  •   antibiotics and antimicrobials
  •   prostate medications
  •   erectile dysfunction medications
  •   anticancer medications
  •   antihistamines
  •   mood medications, for treating anxiety, depression, or other disorders
  •   blood thinners
  •   cholesterol medications
  •   blood pressure medications
  •   corticosteroids
  •   gastrointestinal (GI) medications
  •   heart rhythm medications
  •   corticosteroids
  •   immunosuppressant’s
  •   pain medications
  •   antiepileptic drugs (AEDs)

Furthermore, there are no known side effects, but it does not mean they do not exist. So, no matter your health status, the best is to discuss using any CBN product with your healthcare provider first.

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