Tart Cherries Gluten-Free Foodie Holiday Gift

If you’re looking for a unique gift to give your gluten-free friend or family member, tart cherries are the perfect option! Tart cherries have been shown to reduce inflammation by as much as 50% and tart cherry extract has been used successfully in clinical trials for inflammatory bowel disease. 

This is just one of many gluten-free foods that you can give as a gift this holiday season. Trail mix is another great option for those on gluten-free diets with its high nutritional value, low sugar levels, and antioxidant content. 

The tart cherry trail mix recipe below will make the perfect present or hostess gift!

Gluten-Free tart cherry trail mix recipe.

 Ingredients – 

– ¾ cup Nature’s Garden Tart Cherries

– ½ cup Nature’s Garden Roasted Almonds, unsalted 

– ½ cup pumpkin seeds, hulled or shelled (can substitute with sunflower seed) 

Directions – Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and enjoy! This gluten-free snack is delicious on its own but can also be paired with your favorite yogurt. Tart cherries are high in fiber so feel free to have this trail mix up to three times per day for an extra boost of energy! 

Another recipe with trail mix is the oatmeal tart cherry sauce. 

Ingredients – 

– tart cherries, dried

– rolled oats (gluten-free)

Directions – Heat a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add tart cherries and roll oats to pan; cook for about five minutes or until tart cherries plump slightly. Uncover the mixture and stir well. Cover tightly with lid and bring to boil; remove from heat immediately. Keep oatmeal tart cherry sauce covered in the refrigerator for up to three days for optimal freshness! This gluten-free recipe is perfect on top of cereal, yogurt, or ice cream but can also be used as a topping for pancakes or crepes by using it cold without cooking first!

Last recipe with tart cherries is tart cherry bars.

Ingredients –

– tart cherries, dried 

– gluten-free oats powder or crushed oats (can substitute with cornmeal) 

Directions – Mix tart cherry powder and ground oats in a large bowl. Stir well to combine thoroughly. Melt two tablespoons of coconut oil over low heat on the stovetop then remove from heat once melted completely. Add one tablespoon of honey to the pan along with the melted coconut oil; stir until combined. Drizzle this mixture over tart cherry dry mix and stir well until everything is evenly coated by wet ingredients mixture. Line an eight-inch baking dish with parchment paper allowing it to hang off both sides for easy removal later. Pour tart cherry bar batter into lined dish carefully using a spoon or spatula to spread the mixture evenly. Press tart cherry bars firmly to compact and flatten them out a bit if needed. Bake tart cherries at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until slightly browned on top but still moist in the center when tested with fork tines. Allow tart cherry bar recipe to cool completely before cutting into squares then enjoy!

This gluten-free snack is delicious as it is healthy! Tart cherries are high in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins A & C as well as potassium so give any one of these recipes this holiday season for your gluten-free loved ones – they won’t be disappointed! 

You can purchase tart dried cherries at as you may feel free to check out our blog where we have plenty of tips & recipes on how to use tart cherry extract!

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