Top Construction Companies in the U.S. Based On Revenue

Are you curious about who the largest companies within the construction industry are? In the U.S., construction is the second-largest market in the entire world. In fact, there are well over 1 million construction companies spread throughout the country and countless general contractors, handymen, and so on. Those companies account for more than $1.8 trillion in revenues.

New York state is one of the top destinations for new building projects in the United States, with Dallas in second place. This was 2013 though. Those projects cost nearly $15 billion to build.

So, it’s safe to say that construction is a major industry that generates major revenue. With so many projects comes many employees and the potential for injury. For a worksite, the risk of being harmed is there, so anyone hurt while working in construction or related industries in New York City, for example, will likely need a construction accident lawyer NYC. Legal help is needed in trying to manage an injury where an individual is deciding whether or not to file a lawsuit.

We’ve put together a list of some of the top construction businesses in America, as well as information to learn more about each one and some of their most noteworthy projects they’ve worked on.


The Bechtel Group Inc. is a worldwide engineering and project management organization that has topped the list of construction companies since 2016. Previously based in San Francisco, the corporation has since settled in Reston, Virginia. Bechtel is one of the only that is based in North America to fall within the top 15 rankings of largest construction companies worldwide.

Some of Bechtel’s biggest and most noteworthy projects over the years include Nevada’s Hoover Dam, the London City Airport in England, the Sydney Metro in Australia, and London’s Crossrail, among others.

In 2019, the company brought in nearly $22 billion in revenue.

The Turner Corporation

The Turner Corporation is a New York City-based construction management firm founded by Henry Chandlee Turner way back in 1902. With such history, the company has grown to employ more than 10,000 people and will record as much as 1,500-plus construction projects every year.

Over the years, The Turner Corporation has worked on the Anaheim Convention Center in California, Madison Square Garden in New York City, the Columbus Crew MLS Stadium in Ohio and the Harvard University Science and Engineering Complex.

In 2019, Turner recorded over $15 billion in revenue.


AECOM is a massive engineering and design corporation that specializes on public projects, including water and energy. Based in Los Angeles, but with business spanning across the globe, the company employs nearly 90,000 people. Despite opening its doors in 1990, AECOM is one of the youngest companies to make the list.

Since its inception, AECOM has worked on major projects like the ONe World Trade Center, Warner Brothers World in Abu Dhabi, and One Shenzhen Bay in China.

The company made over $11 billion in 2019.

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

The Baltimore-based Whiting-Turner Contracting Company is a commercial, education, healthcare, technology, life sciences, and transportation construction firm with 50 offices ranging from Massachusetts to Hawaii. It is also one of America’s largest private companies.

Notable projects the company was involved in include the Porsche North America Headquarters in Atlanta, the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, and the Under Armour Performance Center in Maryland.

Back in 2019, it recorded nearly $10 billion in revenue.

Kiewit Corporation

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Kiewit offers services in construction, engineering, and mining. It has been around forever, beginning in 1884 and boasting more than 22,000 employees throughout the United States and Canada.

Kiewit has worked on the Salt Lake City University Line, the Homestead Motorsports Complex in Florida and the I-229 Corridor in South Dakota.

Revenue for 2019 was $10.6 billion for Kiewit.

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