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Israel is the home of many great wonders, from its scenic coastlines to brilliant sunsets. It also has a diverse topography with mountains in every direction and an endless desert border on one side – but no matter what you’re looking at it’s always beautiful!

One thing that makes this country so unique. Well besides all these incredible features there are two more things about Israel which set them apart: firstly, their history as descendants who left Egypt after pharaohs decreed “you cannot continue leaving your offspring behind” (Exodus 11); secondly they’ve been fighting for freedom since just Before Christ came into being.

When the State of Israel was established in modern times, it became one of just few Jewish nations to survive into today’s world. The area that now falls within its borders has an extensive history dating back centuries before when this land served under Roman rule and later Byzantine Empire control followed by 7th century during early Islamic caliphate period until finally coming under new jurisdiction with arrival Arab Muslim conquerors who founded what we know now as Saudi Arabia

The newly created nationhood among Abrahamic religions– Judaism included-though not without obstacles along way like constant fighting between Christians & Muslims plus internal battles amongst Jews themselves over how they should be practicing their faith; yet despite all these hurdles+ remains.

For many modern-day Jews, the desire to have a homeland is what started them on their journey. With increasing persecution of Jewish people worldwide and then World War II’s mass killings committed by Nazi Germany against European Jewry in particular overwhelmingly drove global Jewish immigration into Palestine which sparked tension between Palestinian Arabs there who had been living for centuries before this influx began – but it wasn’t just these tensions that led up towards UN’s plan partitioning palestinian teritory; Israel also declared herself statehood following its own declaration two weeks later.

In the past 35 years, Israel has fought several wars with their neighbours. The conflicts have resulted in disputes over territory and refugees’ status which continue today despite peace treaties concluded during this final quarter of 20th century

The Isreali military is one of most well-equipped forces in the world due to extensive technological advancements made by scientists there such as Ben Zeev Gverski who developed better ways for tanksers use optical fibres instead metal cables so they can see what’s happening ahead even if it’s behind them; Teddy Yagman inventing computersized radar system used mainly against enemy aircraft.

Disputes with Arab countries over the status of territories and refugees have continued to be an issue for Israel since its founding. Despite this, in later decades peace treaties were concluded which aimed at bringing an end these disputes once and forever!

Precipitation is common in Israel, occurring on about 60 days of the year. Severe summer water shortages can happen when rains come late or rainfall totals are less than normal which happens quite often during periods spanning from June through August because it’s when most plants need rain to grow effectively before flowers open up again after being

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