The Best One Shot Flavour Concentrates To Try In 2022

2022 is set to be another great year for vaping and for your new year’s resolution, why not try making your own custom e liquid? Not only can you start from the ground up to make your perfect custom blend, but you can also do it the easy way with one shot concentrates and simply add nicotine shots (if required) and top up with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin to get the perfect ratio for whatever device you are using. 

We’ve done the hard work for you and given you a look into the Best One Shot Flavour Concentrates To Try In 2022 so you can start at the top!

1 – UBLO Classics Toffee Pudding

UBLO are known for crafting some of the best fruit and menthol mixes available, but this time they have turned their hand to a classic British dessert – the toffee pudding! With layers of soft sponge cake and a creamy toffee, this is the perfect one shot concentrate for dessert lovers!

2 – Zeus Juice Strawberry Laces

Zeus Juice are known in the UK market for their amazing flavours that are available in shortfill format, but they also have a large range of their own flavours in one shot concentrate form to let you mix your own custom eliquid blends. Strawberry laces are exactly how you imagine – a retro candy classic that you shouldn’t wait to get your hands on. 

3 – UBLO Number 2

As we mentioned above, UBLO are known for their amazing fruit and menthol mixes and this is the one that put them where they are in the market today. UBLO 2 one shot concentrate is an amazingly tart mix of ripe cherry paired with a cooling blast of icy menthol. This is a customer favourite and we can see why! 

4 – Northland Vapor Pink Lemonade

Northland Vapor are a US brand that offer their one shot concentrate and bottle shots exclusively through Vapour Depot in the UK. Their unique american twist on flavours is something that the UK market loves, and with no added sweetener to these flavours the coils will last longer too! Pink Lemonade is a refreshing American take on the summertime classic drink. 

5 – Breaking Brew Black Banks

Breaking Brew is a fantastic homegrown range from the UK that contains a range of flavours based around the classic Heisen style eliquid flavour. Not only do these flavours contain no sweetener, they are extremely budget friendly and even cheaper if you DIY your own custom blends using the one shot concentrates. Breaking Brew Black Banks is a tastebud tingling Blackcurrant, Aniseed and Menthol mix that will leave you wanting more. 

When purchasing your one shot flavour concentrates in the UK, make sure you are using a trusted supplier who can trace where each part of their manufactured products comes from. By choosing your suppliers carefully, you can make sure that your custom e liquid blends contain not only the perfect flavour for you, but also the best quality ingredients to give you a great vaping experience. 

If you get stuck for ideas, there are several DIY eliquid websites out there to give you ideas for recipes, mixing calculators to help the creation of your own e liquid easier or to give you percentages on the right amount of each ingredient to use to get the perfect mix!

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