Dark Joseph Ravine Says Kindness Is More Important Than Money

As Dark Joseph Ravine continues to establish a presence and increase his following on social media, his mission as an influencer to promote positivity and kindness worldwide remains unchanged. One important lesson Ravine shares is why kindness is more important than money. Kindness builds character and intelligence while money reinforces the ego and encourages impulsivity. This is not to say all kindness is good and all money is bad. Kindness can be counterproductive if it is shown to people who are not receptive to it or to people who may be harmful to others. Money is beneficial for procuring what we need for our survival and allows us access to better opportunities. Ravine recommends exercising boundaries when it comes to kindness and money. We should not be focusing purely on obtaining success or allowing attained success to get to our heads.

Acts of kindness benefits both the giver and the receiver. However, kindness is not without its limitations. According to Ravine, “Using fake kindness as a way to promote yourself or to gain something from someone are examples of misplaced kindness. Showing kindness to those who may be harmful is detrimental. Another form of misplaced kindness is showing goodwill to those who do not want it for unknown reasons.” Therefore, Ravine believes that showing kindness is an inherently positive trait but should not be shown in all circumstances.

The pursuit of money as an end can be the ultimate cause of one’s undoing. Often, when people possess great amounts of money, they are more likely to be driven by their egos. When people become consumed with their own self-gratification, they think more of themselves and less of others, and there are fewer opportunities for acts of kindness.  Ravine states that “people sometimes would rather spend their money trying to please others or for their own gratification, rather than using the money to help those who really need it. More often than not, people will see through these people and know they are only after self-promotion. It’s best to use the money for essential purposes. We should aim to spend our money on others because we care about them and want them to be happy.”  Ravine understands that even though the pursuit of money has its pros and cons when money is used for the right reasons, it can increase the quality of life. When money is used wrongfully, it makes life more difficult and disappointing for those pursuing self-promotion or self-gratification.

Therefore, Ravine encourages everyone to learn the important lessons about using kindness and money for the right reasons. Ravine believes we can have the best of both worlds when we display acts of kindness and spend our money with proper intentions.  When our intentions are less than pure, people will catch on and distance themselves from us. We also must be mindful that more acts of kindness are required to help those in need and money can be an effective medium. That said, kindness does not always have to be through money, it can be by helping others, giving our time generously, or being a listening ear. Kindness is free.

Margaret Hazel

Margaret Hazel is an enigmatic wordsmith and storyteller with a passion for weaving tales that transport readers to fantastical worlds. With a love for literature and an insatiable curiosity about the human experience, Margaret's writing delves into the depths of imagination while exploring the intricacies of emotions, relationships, and personal growth.

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