Do You Have Lower Back Pain? Here’s what you Need to Know About It

Lower back pain can be the result of just about anything. It may be that you have an injury or that you have a disease. Either way, most of the time it’s because you have strained the tendons in your back. The pain that you feel in your lower back can either be mild or severe, with sometimes it being almost impossible to walk, sleep or work. If you feel as though your day to day activities have been impacted then it is wise for you to try and see someone about it. Usually, your lower back pain will get better if you undergo bouts of physical therapy. It may be that you are able to get cortisone injections too. When you have this done, you will be able to relieve pain and tension. If you do not believe that this is the reason why your lower back pain is so bad then you can visit a chiropractor. When you do, they can then give you a massage to ensure that you are comfortable.

How Common is Lower Back Pain?

Around four out of every five people will go through lower back pain at some point. It’s actually one of the most common reasons why people visit a healthcare provider. It’s important to know that some people are far more likely to have lower back pain when compared to others. Some of the risk factors include those who are over the age of 30 and those who have a higher body mass. If you want to see a chiropractor close to your  location, make a search on Google using the search term – chiropractor Schaumburg IL – and see what comes back, to see if you can get an appointment for him or her to pinpoint the source of your pain and undertake some skeletal manipulation.

If you are carrying extra weight then you may be more likely to have back pain as you will be putting additional pressure on both your joints and your discs. Overall health and weakened abdominal muscles can also contribute to back pain. You may find that you may not be able to support your spine as much as you need to and again, this can cause issues.

Symptoms and Causes of Lower Back Pain

Symptoms of lower back pain can easily come on suddenly. You may also find that it appears gradually as well. Sometimes pain can occur after an event, whether it is you bending over or trying to pick something up. Other times, you may not know what actually caused the pain. The pain can be sharp or it can be dull. You may also find that it can radiate down to the back of your legs, or to your buttocks. If you have strained your back during an activity then you may have heard a popping sound when it happened. Pain is often worse when you put yourself in certain positions but it may get better whenever you lie down. Stiffness is very common and you may find it difficult to stretch your back when getting out of your chair. This can be frustrating but a chiropractor can help you here.



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