The Difference Between Herringbone and Chevron Parquet Flooring


If you look at the interior designing at the present time, you will see that the flooring style is changing with time but few flooring patterns are still holding a strong ground, and are popular among the masses. If you are interested in upscale your house then you should consider herringbone and chevron parquet flooring styles, these two are the most popular flooring styles at the present time. 

But not many people know the difference between these two flooring styles. Yes, you have heard right, herringbone flooring is different from the chevron flooring style. Many people have the question that, what is the difference between the two? If you also have the same question, then to get your answer you must read our blog post. Here we have provided an in-depth explanation that will state the difference between the two. 

What is herringbone parquet flooring?

Let us first start by understanding the actual meaning of herringbone parquet flooring. The very first thing that you need to understand is that herringbone flooring is one type of parquet flooring style. Herringbone flooring is basically the wood pattern that looks exactly like the bone of herring fish. 

Herringbone flooring is the zig zag pattern that is made with wood on the floor. You must know that herringbone flooring can be done with both hardwood and engineered wood. If you want to make it more luxurious then, you can opt for hardwood type. But before choosing hardwood herringbone flooring you need to know that it will cost you a lot. Whereas, if you compare the price range with engineered wood type, you will find you can do this flooring in much less price range. 

What is chevron parquet flooring?

Now that you know about herringbone flooring let us understand what chevron parquet flooring is, the first thing that you must know about chevron parquet flooring is that, this flooring styles also creates a zig zag pattern just like herringbone flooring style, but the difference is, chevron has V shaped zig zag pattern. The blocks are shorter and narrower in chevron parquet flooring, than most usual planks of flooring. And one of the huge differences between chevron parquet and herringbone parquet flooring is that the ends are cut at a 45 degree angle and that gives the originality in chevron pattern parquet flooring.

What is the difference between herringbone and chevron parquet?

 In this section we will talk about the difference between the herringbone and chevron parquet flooring. One of the major differences between the two is the angle at which each wood plank is cut to make the design. In order to get the herringbone pattern the wooden planks are cut into 90 degree angle, whereas, for chevron the angle requirement is 45 degree.

Another important difference between the two styles is the thickness of the wooden planks. Generally to achieve the chevron pattern the wooden plank is thick, but to get the herringbone pattern the wooden plank has to be thin. 

The bottom line

We hope you have precisely understood the difference between herringbone and chevron parquet flooring. We know people often get confused between the two designs, indeed it somewhat looks similar, yet they have significant differences. 

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