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Israel’s top beaches are getting a new AI system that can detect swimmers in danger and give lifesaving data to beach employees. Israel recycles 90% of the wastewater it creates, making them a world leader in terms of recycling. In America, only 1 percent or less than 2/10th is recycled which means they have more opportunities to use these valuable natural resources.

Israeli artists have created the world’s largest mosaic made of socks, using 12 thousand in total. The cows were fortunately clean because they produce more milk on average than do dairy cows elsewhere!

Israel is known around the world for its high-tech innovations and rise in medical research. Now an Israeli company has developed a revolutionary spray-on skin made of nanofiber that can heal wounds with incredible speed, as well it should be because three children per woman make them one baby factory after another!

Israel is known for its peanut-based snacks. Babies in the country are 10 times less likely to have an allergy when compared with other countries because they eat Bamba Peanut Snacks early on, according to studies done by Hebrew Wikipedia article 7 different ways you can eat a krembo which sounds delicious!

Trail Angels is a voluntary organization that provides hikers with free beds, showers, and other amenities on the Israel Trail. The glue of these stamps are kosher- Certified by Jewish religious authorities since mail between countries has been Peerlessly dispatched throughout history due to its durability under harsh conditions.

Israel is home to a large number of alternative meat startups, which may be connected with their high vegan culture. A recent study found that Israel has more vegans per capita than any other country in the world and researchers there have developed an innovative way of studying early development by growing mouse embryos in bottles just 20 days after fertilization!

The most popular thing to do in Israel during the holidays? Eat lots and sleep little. Israelis consume 24 million sufganiyot (donuts) over 8 days!

Tel Aviv, Israel’s melting pot of a city has been ranked as the fifth most expensive place to live on earth according to The Economist Intelligence Unit. Zurich came first with Paris and Hong Kongworth placing them before Tel Aviv in terms of rankings for cost of living abroad. An Israeli company developing paints that use sunlight instead o electricity activates cooling mechanisms providing air conditioning without using any energy from your car battery!

Immigration to Israel is a hot topic. The country takes more immigrants than any other and since its founding in 1948, 3 million people have come from all over the world to be part of this community! In 2020 there were also many popular baby names for both boys like Mohammad and girls with Miriam being among them which shows how welcoming they feel about diversity here at home too-even though it doesn’t always show at first glance due to some recent events manipulating attitudes towards Muslims within Europe currently happening right now (and not just limited.)

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