How Can You Take Care of Your Health in Your 9-5 Workday

Does this question sound familiar? Or are you one of those people who make a good living but put your health at risk? Then get ready, because this post is more about the mental battle than the physical one.

Before we get to the actual remedy, let’s take a quick look at the real nature of the problem.

The 9 to 5 Illusion

As a full-time employee, you are expected to give your best 5 days a week, 8 hours straight. In some jobs, you add an extra hour, which takes 9 hours. Whew, what a nightmare in the middle of the day!

If you think about it just once, there are people in the world who have the same work routine but are much more physically fit and emotionally happy than many of us. Do you know why? It’s because they’ve cracked the code behind the 9-to-5 work schedule. They work just like us and even get paid the same. But when it comes to comparing their health, they are head and shoulders above us! They look like they are 30 when they are 50, while we go straight to 50 after 30 and skip the intervening years where we make money, and more money! It’s pathetic!

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What Are We Really Doing?

Our daily routine sucks! We wake up to work, go home and get ready for work the next day, and this cycle repeats until we reach a point in life where we realize we are too tired to walk, too weak to fight, and too fragile to choose between emotion and reason.

But wait, it’s never too late to get healthy again.

“When it’s time, there’s hope.”

To start taking care of your health while working from morning to night, all you have to do is pay attention to your mental faculties. Your body will do the rest.

So Let’s Get Started

Find a reason to stay healthy

Sounds ridiculous, right? Mind games often seem absurd until you are wise enough to see the wisdom in them. The same goes for finding a reason to stay healthy. Let me give you my reason for staying healthy:

“After preserving our lives, health is God’s greatest gift. If I lose my health, how can I accomplish the tasks I have been given in my life’s mission?”

Your reason maybe something else, and believe me, you need to find the why, because things without a reason do not last long.

Train your mind

Become a master of yourself by controlling your mind. You have control of your mind, and to prove it, you must do the tasks that your mind finds difficult.

For example, no one wants to leave their warm blanket on a winter morning because the mind says it’s too hard, that you have to go back to bed. No! It is difficult, but not impossible. The first step is the most difficult. Every time your mind tries to manipulate you, pull the leash off your brain and jump out of bed. Only then will you see how to conquer your mind.

There are also digital solutions that train your mind in the best way possible. With the Freshly promo code, you’ll find a great fitness guide and practical tricks that allow you to overcome all the obstacles that stand between you and your health goals.

If you train your mind to get up early in the morning, drink something healthy, and cut calories, your body will adapt in a week or two, and your journey to a healthy 9-to-5 lifestyle will begin.

Don’t Follow a Strict Diet

Still funny, huh? Not at all! There are people who will endure anything to get in shape, but they fail at diets. You need to keep eating what you eat regularly but in a planned way. Strict diet plans are the best demotivators for non-celebrities.

An organized diet plan is easy to understand, affordable on the wallet, and delicious on the tongue. If you’re watching your diet, Noom has a 90% off promotion going on right now. Their diet plans are so simple, so delicious and so effective.

Again, you need to follow the suggested diet plan to get better results. When you see the numbers change on the scale, you will laugh at yourself because it was your mind that fooled you, nothing else!

The Final Word

To stay healthy, all you have to do is manipulate your mind. And believe me, it’s not that hard. Once you find a reason to do something, your mind will accept it, and your body will follow in the same direction. This formula applies not only to maintaining health but to almost everything that has been created for us in this universe.

Make sure you consistently follow a healthy lifestyle in your 9-to-5 work life, because stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t for everyone, but staying in that uncomfortable circle is the easiest thing you can do.

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Margaret Hazel

Margaret is a health care assistant by profession and a passionate blogger by heart.

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