How to write a good resume

Six seconds. According to the study, this is how much a recruiter spends on average reading a buy a resume. Every detail matters, and the slightest effort to make it more attractive can make all the difference in an interview. Our tips for creating a good resume, and a resumes accountant sample can also be seen on our website.

Highlight actions and results

Listing the missions you were responsible for in previous jobs is good, but showing that you completed them is even better. Question the purpose of each of your actions to present them as a set of results rather than a simple to-do list. Specifically, use action verbs that are more eloquent and flashy than passive verbs or expressions like “responsible for” (which are also very classic). So give preference to verbs like: create, negotiate, develop, save, and analyze. It’s up to you which term best describes your work. Managers see and review resumes that use the same terms, innovate!

Be generous with the numbers in your job descriptions as this will allow the recruiter to better assess the impact of your actions. Frequencies, evolution, consequences. Any additional precision in numbers is interesting. If you don’t show off a little on your resume, then when?

Simple, basic

Do you think that your resume is too classic and that it’s better to be original in order to stand out? Fake ! If you are not a designer or graphic designer, keep it simple. The summary should be clear to ensure quick and efficient reading. Opt for a linear, airy structure with spaces to clearly delineate the different parts and allow the recruiter to focus on what they want to see. Content should not be too crowded and fit on one page. You can play with margins, spacing font, reorganize sections, or reduce the size of bullets in case of overflow (however, be careful not to reduce the margins too much: leave just enough so that the quality of your resume impression remains good). Otherwise, the trick is to paste in the address of a personal website/blog that you will supply with additional information.

Add a Skills Section to Your Resume

The “skills” section allows you to summarize in one place on your resume what you specifically learned during your studies and your professional experience. It should be separated from the rest of the buy a resume, but not interfere with reading (you can insert it on the side).

Before you apply, go back to the ad and check if your resume has the qualities and skills you need for the position you’re applying for. Try to use specific and appropriate terms and avoid overused terms such as: motivated, interested, and driven. Finally, be honest! If you feel like you’re embellishing reality too much, maybe this job isn’t for you?

Murtaza Ali

Murtaza Ali is a digital marketing expert and creative content writer with skills in online writing, blogging, and social media marketing. He likes to share his knowledge with readers in an inspiring and motivational way.

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