Finding the right serums for your skin needs

Serums are a necessity in skincare regimes that are designed to target skin concerns such as spot treatment, acne, and dullness. A serum penetrates deeply into the skin and has powerful results for specific skin needs. However, serums don’t focus on immediate results but pave for long-term effects. The benefits of serum depend on the ingredients it is formulated with. Dr Jart has formulated a variety of products for the needs of every skin type. Every skin needs the right care such as acne skin requires a serum that controls sebum production and dry skin needs a serum that provides hydration for the face.

Serums suitable for each skin type

Serum for oily skin 

Vitamin c works wonders for oily skin to control excessive moisture. While on the other hand light, water-based serums are also reliable as they contain ingredients like salicylic acid and retinol which do not clog pores. Some people believe an oily skin person should not use any serums but that is completely a myth. Only a good serum can minimise oil production in pores.

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Serums for dry skin 

When skin is dehydrated serums with water storing properties such as hyaluronic acid comes into play. Moreover, plant oils, ceramides, and amino acids also work in union with a moisturiser. There are some serums that lock in the water to provide immense hydration and that is exactly the sort of serum required by dry skin.

Serum for normal skin 

This skin type doesn’t have many issues but for maintaining healthy dewy skin glycolic acid is the right choice. As such serums lock moisture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles

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Serum for sensitive skin

This skin type can react to a lot of products and irritate the skin. It throws tantrums for acne and redness. For the skin to calm down suitable products must be used. Hyaluronic acid provides nutrients and vitamin e + c has inflammatory properties so using such serums can be beneficial.

Serum for acne-prone skin

Serums that come in handy to treat acne is retinol and peptides. As they work by improving skin texture and also have healing properties from plants. Check more: tnmachi

Serum for aging skin

Coenzyme q10 is the most effective serum to fight against aging. It gives flexibility and prevents wrinkles and sagging skin. Moreover, this serum is beneficial in neutralising harmful chemicals that promote ageing.


To conclude

Face serum is an essence that can restore the baby skin we all yearn for. It can repair and renew your skin from all wear and tear. Face serum attracts a general audience but it’s important to make this point clear that a specific product suits a specific skin type. Plus, every serum has different ingredients and provides different benefits. All serums are power-packed with organic ingredients such as seaweeds, sea kelp, jojoba, tea tree, and thyme. Sensoo Skincare is a leading brand that has products available with healing properties. Such products maintain a healthy skin barrier. Just make sure to get a face serum that gives you healthy skin and helps provide long-term effects to your precious skin.

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