A good agency must work transparently

People who are not experts in digital marketing often have to trust their agency like a mechanic when our car is broken down and we don’t know anything about mechanics.

The strategies and prices applied in digital marketing can be relatively opaque. Moreover, some practices can be completely artificial and done only to give the illusion of short-term results but counterproductive in the long term. For example, there are more or less risky strategies in natural referencing, ways to artificially increase the number of interactions on your publications on social networks or even to obtain leads (but not qualified).

Make sure the agency you are going to work with can explain to you in detail what they plan to do and how they plan to do it.

Smooth communication between the agency and the company

Another important element to maximize your chances of success and profitability during your digital campaigns is to have good communication between the digital marketing agency and the company.

Indeed, learning, testing and optimizing according to the results are essential criteria for your digital strategy and the success of your campaigns. You must therefore communicate regularly with the people who accompany you on this subject.

Who will be your interlocutors? How available are they to answer you? All of these questions will help you identify the right agency for your project.

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What reviews does the digital marketing agency get?

A good way to know the seriousness of an agency is to look at customer reviews and testimonials. You can even try to get in touch with some of them to find out more about the agency and its seriousness.

An agency that has no client reviews and no client name displayed is potentially suspicious. Why? Quite simply because it does not apply to itself certain basic principles of any digital marketing strategy: “the elements of reassurance”.

These do not have to be very numerous. Working with Digital Marketing Services is often the best solution for VSEs and SMEs. But if there are none, it may mean that the agency has something to hide.

 What is the digital strategy of the agency itself?

What better way to understand the seriousness of the digital strategies offered by a digital marketing agency than to analyze the strategy it deploys to find clients itself?

Does the agency apply the advice it gives you for its proposed strategy?

To analyze the digital strategy of an agency, look in particular at the content it offers. Does she have a blog? Does it offer white papers? Training offered? What is his presence on social networks? What does their website look like?

All these elements are valuable clues to know if it is a serious agency or not.

How do they charge?

There can be a very large price disparity depending on the agencies and digital marketing experts. If these prices can be justified according to the skills available and the technologies deployed, there are also many service providers who overcharge certain services due to the lack of knowledge of customers in this area.

This is why, again, transparency is essential. Always ask for the details of the services and the price of each of them.

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