Best automatic glass cleaners for windows in the house

One of the most tedious household chores, besides ironing, is cleaning windows. You have to spend a lot of time to make them perfectly clean and often the result is not what you expected. Fortunately, technology makes it possible to produce an automatic Vinduespudser like the ones chosen for the comparison: they are characterized by a pair of rings on their bases equipped with mops, whose task is to remove dirty hair.

They also have a system that ensures that the window cleaning robot is securely attached to the window so that it does not fall out. But as an accessory, a safety wire is processed in such a way that in case of a sudden crash, for example, the machine remains in the air. Lastly, note that they are electric and they contain a rechargeable battery that comes in handy when the lights go out. That is why we make sure that a lack of electricity supply does not prevent the closure of the project. So it’s a good idea to make sure it’s always charged.

Which automatic window cleaners did we choose?

In its analysis, the following components were assessed:

– Quality: in terms of construction, especially since we do this with a significant financial investment for the longest possible life.

– Suction power: on paper, everyone has a certain suction power. But how does this dynamic happen in practice?

– Cleaning: the finish that the window shows after using the kontor rengøring robot. What is the end result? Is it suitable for all parts of the window, including the sides and corners? Are there any signs?

– Control: activated by a remote control that facilitates communication with the device and makes it possible to place it in one or another position in a window if we want to control a specific area, for example. This mode is intuitive in all cases.

Comparison of automatic glass cleaners: this is how we tested them

The conditions under which the tests were introduced were the windows of a house that had not been cleaned in the past two months. For best results, it is recommended to first let the robot pass to dry and then change the mops we used for others: in this second step we add a product. But beware, it is not a good idea to give them too much water.

To maintain and maintain window repairs, each of the three models is an alternative to consider. The crystals aren’t quite perfect – we still have a few minor reviews to do – but they save time on this project. The example of Creating Wipeout Icons scored highest. Not only because the results are the best, but also because it comes with three levels of safety and because the build quality is above the rest.

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Automatic window cleaner Make kibosh Wipe boat The controller of this comparison robot for window washing has proven to be a very efficient machine and this is reflected not only in the quality of the results it produces due to the work done by its rotary mops. Also in the speed with which it moves (zigzag movement) through the window panels, proving its effectiveness. In that sense, the company has built a mapping technology called Tech MAP, which provides a good user experience, in part because there are very few symptoms that usually occur when we clean a glass: as soon as it finishes its work, it informs us of it often heard acoustic signal .

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