Preschool songs – for your children to listen to

Most parents and teachers know that children love to listen to and sing nursery rhymes. But a secret that many parents don’t know is that songs help your kids pay attention, listen better and follow directions.

As parents, we know that pulling your three-year-old away from what he’s doing to clean his room or make his lunch can be a stressful experience, often a lot. Why do they contain and end with “because I”! ”

Again, children love music and singing,

Which they associate with play and fun. Isn’t it a good idea to set the boring tasks of a preschooler to music and turn it into a game? Yes, it’s a good idea, and above all, it actually works.

Now I will tell you that I have a terrible singing voice. I got kicked out of karaoke clubs and saw my son smiling while singing on the car radio. Even though everyone was against me, my preschooler wanted to hear me sing. After all, if I sang as much as he asked, I would probably lose my voice. So don’t let the belief (or random fact) that you can’t sing stop you from using this method.

How do you use preschool songs to get your child’s attention? Start by announcing that it’s time to do so. For example, it’s time to collect toys. At this point, you can expect your child to completely ignore you because they are busy with something else, or get up and pick up the toys slowly and half-heartedly. I’m sure you know what I mean. Chances are you were “helped” to lift half the room when your child had to put down a book.

Singing a short song while picking up the toy will make

Your child feels like you are playing more than one task. It won’t make the whole process painless, but it will help keep your child on track and show that anything, even a simple daily activity, can be fun with a little effort. In addition to picking up toys, your child also learns an important lesson about how to have fun in life. Here’s a song I sang when I was three years old and brought him toys. We also customize it for each pick-up order.

  • Now we have to pick up our toys, get toys, get toys
  • Now we have to pick up our toys, get toys, get toys
  • We gathered the books together, one by one, one by one,
  • Blocks are in order, one by one, one by one
  • Now our work is done, done, done

When everything was almost done, I changed the words:

Now our work is almost done, almost done, almost done Now that our work is almost done, we did it one by one.

As this story shows, songs (or hymns, for what they really are) don’t have to be complicated or rhyme. The simpler the song, the easier it is for your child to remember and the more fun it is to sing. All you need is a short paragraph that will hold your child’s attention throughout the task.

Songs can also be used to make eating, bathing and going to bed more enjoyable. The only important thing to remember is that the numbers must be the same or almost the same every day. This is how your baby learns the  강남풀싸롱 and the continuity that is so important at this young age. In conclusion, with preschool songs, you can make simple daily routines fun, simplify them and keep them the same every day, and above all, don’t worry if you sing well or not.

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