The health benefits of doing clinical Pilates!

Clinical Pilates is a type of physical exercise that emphasizes posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. Clinical Pilates focuses on the retraining and recruitment of core stabilizing muscles and is used in conjunction with physiotherapy to treat a variety of injuries and improve physical performance. Clinical Pilates is a system of exercises tailored to you and your body that are performed on the Pilates reformer, chair, and mat. The exercises are led by a Registered Physiotherapist and are tailored to your needs, goals, and fitness level in order to improve core stability, balance, strength, and flexibility for better body awareness. It provides numerous health benefits including:

Improving Stability

Clinical Pilates can strengthen the muscles around commonly injured joints and help with overall stability and movement, which is essential for keeping the body functioning properly by exercising the primary stabilizers and movers in the hips, shoulders, and ankles.

Rehabilitation post injuries

Clinical Pilates is extremely useful for injury rehabilitation. At Propel Physiotherapy, a trained Physiotherapist will first assess your injury before developing the most appropriate exercises tailored specifically to your needs. Every session can be progressed at a safe and effective pace to aid in the recovery of your injury. The Clinical Pilates exercises will aim to strengthen your weak muscle groups, improve movement patterns, and protect your body from further injury.

Strengthening pelvic floor

Clinical Pilates is ideal for new mothers. Clinical Pilates in the form of prenatal pilates will strengthen and stretch the pelvic floor in order to prevent and relieve lower back and pelvic pain. These exercises will lay a solid foundation, making childbirth easier on both mother and baby. It is also great for post-partum reshaping and toning, as well as recovering from diastasis recti, tearing, or incontinence issues. There are specific restrictions on physical activity during the pre-and post-natal periods. The physiotherapists at Propel Physiotherapy are highly trained to address any concerns you may have in order to keep you safe and healthy on your journey.

Reducing neck and lower back pain

Clinical Pilates can alleviate neck pain while also targeting inactive or atrophying lower back muscles. This is especially beneficial for people who lead sedentary lives and/or work at a desk job that does not require a lot of physical activity during the day. Clinical Pilates will strengthen your weak muscles that are harmed by sitting for an extended period of time, stooping, or bending your neck to view images and videos on your cell phone, making you more resistant to muscle strain and injury.

Improving general posture

Your posture impacts your overall health, strength, injury resistance, flexibility, and balance. You will be able to ensure that your muscles have adequate length and strength for a proper posture with the assistance of a Physiotherapist from Propel Physiotherapy.

At Propel Physiotherapy, there are clinical Pilates exercises that provide a variety of safe, specific, and effective exercises for treating a variety of injuries or conditions, improving flexibility and posture, enhancing injury prevention and even a specialised set of pre-natal Pilates exercises for expecting mothers. So, if you have any of these issues and you would like them addressed, you can experience pain-free exercise with a group of expert physiotherapists at Propel Physiotherapy.


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