Get your carpets steam cleaned or you may be back at the carpet store sooner than expected

Your carpet will suffer more wear and tear than the rest of the house, especially in high-traffic areas like your hallways and around doors. Unlike the rest of Europe, we Brits don’t often take off our shoes when we enter the house. The dirt from your shoes spreads into your glorious carpet, not only leaving tracks around your house like a rabbit crossing a field, but causing deeper damage than you’d like to think.

No, we’re not getting deep and meaningful here!

I’m talking about the fine dirt that your vacuum can’t reach; Dirt that swirls and binds with fibers that then get tangled up so that you end up with microscopic furry dogs or waxy, sandy fluff balls that sink deep into the pile and slowly inside your carpet destroys from.

Carpet and regular vacuuming can certainly help keep allergens down, your carpets in good shape and the air quality in your home. Steam cleaning a few times a year will help your carpet live longer. And keep your family healthy in the deal.

How healthy is it?

Well, you can use your carpet’s ability to hold dirt. If it is regularly steam cleaned, your carpet acts as a filter for all the dirt that comes into your home. Your carpet will handle all of this, sacrificing the mess of the Big Steam Cleaner when it comes to lightening the load on your carpet.

Depending on how busy your home is, you should consider having your carpet professionally steam cleaned every 2 to 6 months. Sounds like a lot, right? But if you have kids and pets hauling mud, grass, sand, water and oil from your home, can you really do it for less? If you are a professional couple with no pets and you don’t smoke, every 6-8 months is fine.

Rengøring af bil starts with applying a detergent over the area – there are special detergents for high traffic areas that get dirty with the appropriate amount of mud. Taking care of dirt with a brush, the hot water wand takes several steps to magically remove residues and particles that cling strongly to the pile. Finally, your carpet is dry enough to not stay too wet. If they have to dry without help, they run the risk of an ugly brown tide.

Would you believe, with all this talk about steam cleaning,

The only steam that comes out is what comes out of the carpet when the water is 150 Celsius.

The carpets are not that well maintained. Contact a steam cleaning professional who will also suggest taking care of your second favorite piece of furniture: your mattress. And rightly so: our expectations of our mattresses are higher than our love and pampering. We are required by law to service our vehicles every year, however, the carpets and mattresses of our lives, our most common companions, are in danger of being trampled year after year almost without thanks. And anyway 6 months of steam cleaning will make your carpet and mattress last many more years.

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