How to Start a Fashion Blog – Tips and Tricks

Blogging is hard work, despite many believing it to be easy work. Sure, all you have to do is type on your laptop and publish it to a blog, but few know the dedication and hard work that hides beneath the surface. With that said, creating a successful fashion blog isn’t an easy task, but it’s not impossible either. If you’re planning to start one, but don’t know what to do with it, here are some tips to consider:

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1. Freedom is not good

If you are planning to start a new fashion blog, the first thing you need to do is find a platform and a blog host. However, choosing a blog host is difficult because of the sheer number of blogs that can be found on the Internet. Another option for you, if you are a beginner, is Blue Host, a web hosting company that may be more expensive than average, but will provide you with everything you need starting a kick-ass fashion blog. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, because they have many features that will help you find your way and design everything as you dreamed.

2. Be yourself

It may sound like an absolute cliché, but when you think about all the millions of fashion blog out there, being unique and being yourself at the same time sets you apart from everyone else and that is exactly what you need. The most popular fashion blogs out there make or break trends so being yourself and setting yourself apart from the rest is the best advice anyone can give you. Unleash your creativity on your blog and in no time, you will see your reputation grow.

3. Make your blog unique

The visual aspect of a blog is very important, especially for those in the fashion field. People need to see bright colors, depending on your style. The skin, font and everything related to the reader’s perception should be your signature, which makes you stand out from the crowd. After the visual component comes the content and if the content is as good as your views, then your blog will be one of the most popular in the niche.

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4. Study your competitors

The blogging world is huge, with millions of people around the world working around the clock to provide their readers with the best content and keep them coming back again and again. If you are new to the world of blogging, take a look at the crème de la crème of the fashion blogging field and study them.

What makes them so popular? What is their secret? Do they talk more to their followers than others? They go to fashion shows around the world and are the first to talk about the collection? What makes them popular with their peers?

Take all the answers you got to these questions from studying their blogs and then apply them to your own blog. You will follow what they do…but all for a good cause.

5. Use technical tools

If you really want to make fashion blogging your next full-time job, you need to provide your readers with more than visual and great content. You should also have professional equipment to take photos, videos and more. Your readers will enjoy a higher quality photo of the outfit than the typical one taken with a smartphone. Keep that in mind.

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