News Until You Puke

He heard the big news. If I can’t, I don’t think I’ll go again. The tsunami is spreading. A cosmic solar flare attack or the next terrorist attack to fry an incoming meteorite that melts water from glaciers has been guaranteed for the past four years. Because I don’t want to lose these things. I hear great news.

Because I’ve heard a lot of famousnewsmag and he knows a lot about beheadings and dead bodies with bullets. I know a lot about car bombs and their parts. A few days ago in Iraq, he found several dozen heads in a box. This is not the way to war. I wish I didn’t know about it, but I do, and I wonder where the others have gone. I only know these things because I watch and listen to a lot of news.

I know many things and many unsettled opinions. I listen to Limbaugh, but sometimes I feel like he doesn’t believe in himself, and O’Reilly is very angry, frustrated and tormented by my choice. But I know something about these people because I often hear them on the news and heard some news about their personal lives. And it is good to know that they are not as pure as they would like to be. I used to read the news and hear a lot about, you know, if Air America is a good newsgroup now, look, I love them, they scare me. But I love them because every news item I read about them makes me think about government and government. I think they are normal. I didn’t feel alone responding to news that I read less than my thoughts on other news.

I know many politicians. Especially Republicans who love Jesus so much. And some are ready to go to war. Until he returns, or until it looks like they still love each other. But they often seem to end up with the wrong people, and even the wrong gender. I’m sorry, but I read this on the news. I read that Mr. Bush left the White House because the president was traveling with others. Wow, this is great news. This can’t be news, I haven’t seen it on Fox or AOL. Or it could be fan news, who knows? Some said they had not seen the news or that it was not news. That’s why I thought we were going to lose. And many people were rejected. The Democratic voter is doing well. Now it sounds desperate. But I think it’s ok. I heard twice on the news that this is true!

From this news, I will learn more about the CEO who is completely dedicated to self-improvement. I mean, a lot of people do. I was impressed by the number of members of Congress and representatives who received this news from the public. But the CEO is doing a good job. I saw on the news that God was jealous of this former CEO after a multi-million dollar birthday party and retirement with thousands of cows on the hill! Or at least he could. All chimpanzees laugh. Because they always look so sad after being caught and so shocked because they are so innocent. But I bet no one noticed. They do not forgive a little and take a lot. But at least we will have more news later. I’ve read on the news that Enron isn’t supplying the power they say it won’t, but it is, and Californians trying to heat and cool are getting big money… forget it. It drives me crazy. These people are in jail. But I hope we don’t read the news that his dear friend, Mr. President, is forgiving him. Or I read that something could happen. This worries me because I’ve read that the president is leaving Texas as governor and asking who will make amends. It’s not their problem. I hope I never read his words again this time when I retire. I bet he did. I once read in the news that people’s lives have not changed much and maybe even more.

Why am I doing this… you know? I read all the news and comments on the news and hope not to find news and news. Do I want to know or crush people with an earthquake? I have to say, I’m afraid I don’t follow the news. I remember the big news. Do not watch or listen to viralmagazinehub or adult opinions about it, whatever it may be.

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