Are fat dissolving injections the way forward?

With the extent of non-surgical aesthetic treatments ever emerging transforming your appearance and feeling more self-assured, has become a lot easier. Finally, for those of us who struggle with our weight, as well as offering the answer to wrinkles, thin lips, and hair loss among others you can now remove those fat cells with a simple injection.

What are these miracle injections and what does the procedure entail?

The liver produces Deoxycholic Acid Solution, which is a compound found in bile. These injections are created with a very strong version of this compound. When injected into the target area, the acid solution will target and demolish the outer area of the fat cells. When the outer skin of the fat cell is destroyed it is then able to be processed and in turn removed by the lymphatic system. These fat cells will eventually be digested in exactly the same way as fatty foods would be as waste excreted from the body.

The procedure involves a local anaesthetic and the practitioner will inject the needle, containing the solution, straight into the layer of stubborn fat that the patient has identified. The fat cells will then hopefully be dissolved by the acid and will be broken down, absorbed and excreted over a few weeks.

The most common areas for these injections to be used are under the chin, under arms, inner or outer thighs, stomach and love handles.

What are the advantages of fat dissolving injections?

Fat-dissolving injections have proven to be fast and very effective, even after only 2 treatments. As this is a non-surgical procedure it means you do not need time off work or time to recover in contrast to liposuction for example. Swelling will go down after 48 hours which is an added bonus! Furthermore, this is a much cheaper alternative to other options, ranging from only £125 for one area to £299 for 3 areas! In addition, the results from these injections is permanent as once a fat cell has been destroyed, it is permanently removed from your body!

Are there any disadvantages to this procedure?

Some people have reported itchiness after these injections, however, this symptom tends to disappear soon after the procedure. Bruising and swelling can also occur but again, they will fade after a few days.

The most concerning negative to the fat dissolving injection is the possibility that infection or even tissue death could occur. Tissue death would lead to blistering and sometimes scarring although these side effects are very rare.

Finally, if you have peer skin elasticity you may develop loose skin.

Is this the best option for me

Although this may sound like all your prayers have been answered, it is important to stress that a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle must be maintained for this procedure to work. Sometimes it is important to rule out other reasons for bloating or weight gain before undergoing these types of procedures. Click here to access a food intolerance test to see if your bloating is down to a reaction to certain foods before entertaining this procedure. This procedure also only targets small areas of the body; therefore it is important to try to lose as much weight as possible through diet and exercise and only look to this procedure to remove that stubborn fat that just won’t budge!

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