Guidelines for Availing Of Lifeline Phone Service

If you’re interested in acquiring a telephone service through the Lifeline phone program, you should know the eligibility requirements and the rules for the service. The regulations include limitations on service, self-certification, and the requirements to be eligible. The guidelines are fundamental to ensure you get the service you need. 

Lifeline Rules

A cell phone is a must-have, and the Lifeline program, such as the Lifeline phone program Oklahoma is a great way to get one for free with discounted monthly service. However, there are important rules to follow when availing of this program. 

The Wireline Competition Bureau has issued guidance to eligible carriers on how to qualify for Lifeline support. The bureau also announced that the speed/usage allowances for Lifeline-supported services had been updated. The bureau also reports an indexed budget for the program annually.

Requirements For Obtaining Service

The FCC has approved a temporary waiver of the income documentation required for the Lifeline phone program. The waiver allows eligible telecommunications carriers to provide Lifeline service to consumers who live in rural or tribal areas. The program also offers a one-year grace period during which consumers can submit their income documentation. To ensure that eligible consumers can access this service, the FCC has made the process as easy as possible.

Limitation Of Service To One Household

To qualify for Lifeline services, prospective subscribers must complete a form certifying that the individual is a member of only one household. Eligible telecommunications carriers must use the household worksheet to verify eligibility. States may also require state-specific forms to apply for Lifeline services. In addition to these documents, eligible telecommunications carriers must publicize the availability of Lifeline services to customers.

Requirements For Self-Certifying Eligibility

The Telephone Company’s Lifeline phone program requires applicants to meet certain income and household requirements to qualify for the service. These requirements are based on the federal poverty level. Applicants should obtain the application form from the Company and provide it along with appropriate income verification documentation. Acceptable forms of income certification include a prior year’s federal or state tax return. 

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